Arizona State 30, Arizona 29

… and, as we’ve said in the past, all is right in the world.

You have to give credit to Mike Stoops for turning the Arizona Wildcats into a football power, at least until the calendar reads November. Those four straight losses after the ‘Cats were in the running for their first-ever trip to the Rose Bowl, including tonight’s 30-29 defeat to the forces of good and light from Tempe, sure leave a bad taste in a fan’s mouth, don’t they?

And to think Stoopid’s name was being mentioned in the same sentence as the University of Miami job where they fired a coach for getting the same seven wins that dear Mike amassed during the season’s first two months before stumbling and bumbling down the stretch.
And please, spare me any of the “it was a fluke on a blocked kick” garbage unless you’re willing to make the same disclaimer for 1987 (Punt, Mike, Punt), 1991 (Leonard Russell’s fumble), 1994 (the field goal that wasn’t good then was then wasn’t), or last year (Kyle Williams’ muffed punt.) For once, the completely and absolutely ludicrous break went Arizona State’s way.

I have to admit … 6-6 with a season-ending win over Arizona is an absolute delight. Especially for a guy whose summer cardiac fun left him certain until two weeks before the season opener that his season tickets would go unused through the season’s first month and a half.

The downside – for the first time since 1988, I wasn’t in the stadium to watch the game. The major, major upside – I’m clearly enjoying my couple of beers and knowing that I’m not still facing a two-hour drive to escape Tucson, even if the drive would be damn, damn, damn happy.

Is there anything left to say in this tipsy post? I guess just one thing …


Photo credit: The Arizona Daily Star

UPDATED … had to add this photograph of Thomas Weber burying the pitchfork in the Arizona Stadium turf courtesy of AZCentral. For all he’s been through this year, no one deserved to go out with a 5-for-5 night more than him.


And, just for fun, if the victory inspires you to look for places to live near campus, here are some townhomes just west of Mill Avenue that I really like the look of …

[idx-listings tract=”Brownstone At Hyde Park” statuses=”1″ propertytypes=”282″ orderby=”DateAdded” orderdir=”DESC” count=”5″]

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