Arizona Title Shuts Its Doors

avatarthumbnail.jpgConfirmed with two sources (as my journalism teachers always taught us) …

Arizona Title is no more. Called the Arrowhead Ranch office and the recording is the after-hours “we are closed” message. No clue what this means for those who have pending closings there but the guess is the escrows have come to a halt and will need to be restarted.

Rumors of the demise first started circulating yesterday and there was a chain of posts on Twitter asking the same question.

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Jonathan Dalton

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  • Steve Belt 10 years ago

    This poses an interesting question: How quickly you suppose you could get your earnest deposit back, for a home that’s in escrow at Arizona Title?

  • Jeff Buettner 10 years ago

    OUCH!!! Your right that is terrible for whoever has pendings with them. Great website by the way. I like the writing and will be back soon!

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