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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA guest submission from Tobey, my furry assistant

Where’s Dave in Tucson with that nifty border creating software that he used for my boss and my marketing photo? Maybe someone can find me a border collie who can do the same thing.

Yes, my human readers, when you spend enough time around someone like my boss you’re doomed to a corrupted sense of humor punctuated by puns and deadpan sarcasm. Do I look like I’m a sarcastic animal? Heck, no. I’m a sweetheart. In fact, I’m the main reason Boss has been successful to date. Look at his punim. Look at mine. Any other questions?

I have to give Boss and his family credit. If you haven’t ready my bio (readily available on my boss’ main website), you ought to know I came from Arizona Beagle Rescue. Yep, I did hard time until AZBR saved me and put me in a foster home. And then I met the Daltons, started eating all of their cats’ food as well of mine and ballooned.

Boss’ wife and the kids are pushing for another beagle. I’m kinda enjoying life as an only beagle but that may change in time. But I want to make sure you know there’s something you can do to help other lovable (and dare I say – sexy) beagles like myself.

Go to Arizona Beagle Rescue’s website. You can sponsor a beagle for as little as $100 (and truth be told, they’ll take any donation.) Or you can look at the beagles in need of a permanent home and pick out your own best friend. Or marketing fop. Whatever you may need. We’re a flexible breed.

There are a few things you’ve got to know about us and the site gives you the scoop. (Take it from me … when they say we’re runners, they’re right. Of course, I’ve got the routine down. I either run across the street to my girlfriend’s house or head down to the townhouses two blocks away and wait to be picked up. Works every time.)

Speaking of scoops (and scoopers), Beaglefest 2007 is around the corner (the link is from last year but you’ll get the idea and I’ll be back with more info later on). Boss and I missed it last year but we’re hoping to put in an appearance. You know – places to see, nether quarters to sniff. If you’re not used to the rooooooooing (and we don’t howl, we bay. Or roooooo. In fact, say roooooo. Louder. Okay, I’m now rooing with you. Really. Maybe we’ll make my roo a podcast) you may want to start slow, like with a play date at the local dog park.

Did I mention the best part about Beagle Rescue? Aside from making sure my fellow beagles don’t take the one-way walk about which we’d rather not speak, the foster families take copious notes so you know what you’re in for when you adopt us. And unlike most significant others, we won’t change once we trot in the front door and get used to the place.

One final note … Boss always has said he’d make a donation to AZBR if a client came to us after seeing us on the group’s website or otherwise made the request. It just hasn’t happened to date. So at the end of 2007, he and I are going to donate at least 1% of his net commissions for the year to AZBR.

After all, every beagle deserves a good home.

Did I mention we roooooo when we see roof rats? Call it an early warning system.

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Jonathan Dalton

Jonathan Dalton is a 40-plus-year resident of the Valley and has been helping folks buy and sell homes since 2004. He can be reached at 602-502-9693 or info at