B of A Wins the Arctic Flame Award

… which has no meaning whatsoever unless you had younger children at the time that Snow Dogs came out. Which is neither here not there.

This afternoon I received a short sale approval letter for my listing in Avondale. The loan was with Bank of America, which is notorious for it’s glacial pace for short sale approvals even in this era of global warming. To whit …

Contract was received on September 27 and submitted to Bank of America on September 29. (For the cynics out there, this was September of 2009.)

And, well … that was about it. Except for a couple of dozen phone calls and e-mails along the way along with three separate negotiators at least two of whom actually returned calls and e-mails. Oh, and an approval letter sent to the wrong e-mail address two weeks ago that seemed not to exist at the time of last week’s update call four days after the letter was supposed to have been sent.

There also was a small cut in the commission which I’m absorbing … what I offer in the MLS as a co-broke to buyers’ agents is what I pay; MLS rules mandate it and I’ve never been much for the 50-50 concept. Either negotiate a better deal or eat the difference. I chose the latter because it’s the right thing to do for my seller.

No promissory notes needed, no cash required at closing for my seller … a clean approval and hope of this chapter of their lives being put to bed in the next month.

Maybe this is what everyone means a childbirth … it’s uncomfortable as hell for months and painful as anything near the end but after it’s over you kinda forget all of that and instead are elated about the results.

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Jonathan Dalton

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