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Back From the Coast

Back From the Coast

Jonathan Dalton, Phoenix Real Estate AgentOn the ground 90 minutes and back to the blog with a couple of brief lessons and observations after four days in San Diego:

1) Not having electricity sucks but it will get you some comps. Power failed at the Hilton Gaslamp around 12:45 yesterday and didn’t return until 8:15 or so. No way to access e-mail, check the blogs or even play online poker. So I did the next best thing – margaritas and lobster tacos a couple of blocks from the beach.

2)  Inspiration comes from unlikely sources. While attending sessions dealing with certain issues in synagogue management, I found myself writing down out-of-context quotes that applied to my group. I also found some insights into psychology and real estate, all in a rather unlikely place.

3) Lobster tacos are really good. ‘Nuff said there.

4) I like living in a city without weather. I met some wonderful people from Cleveland (Beachwood, actually) who were debating whether they’ll be making it home as planned tomorrow due to storms moving in tonight. I’ve never seen six inches of snow and have no desire to do so. Give me the desert anyday.

5) As good as any hotel can be, there’s nothing compared to your own bed. Even if there are two beagles who assumed you’d never return and took up residence.

6) There’s a better standard answer than “unbelievable.” At least, there is when you’re talking to Californians about real estate. “How’s your market?” they ask. “Better than yours.” I reply. And I’m right.

Showings tomorrow morning and back to the regular world by tomorrow night.

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