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Back from The Holiday Bowl

Back from The Holiday Bowl

Jonathan Dalton, Phoenix Real Estate AgentI was all set to unpack my camera and make good on the wager when I found Lani’s photo, which actually looks better than Sharpie. I’d like to thank her for saving me the time of finding a Sharpie and photographing Tobey’s forehead.

This leaves me more time to finish my “My Stepson Ran Onto the Field and Interfered With the Game and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt” T-shirt.


On top of that, it was damn cold at the stadium Thursday. Could someone from San Diego please explain to me how that happened?

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  • Jay Thompson says:

    \ˈwelsh, ˈwelch\
    also welch
    Function: intransitive verb
    Etymology: probably from Welsh, adjective

    1 : to avoid payment
    2 : to break one’s word : renege


  • Jay Thompson says:

    And don’t you really mean to say, “My Stepson Ran Onto the Field and Interfered With the Game and All I Got Was This Crushing Victory and Holiday Bowl Trophy”?

  • Yeah, yeah … working on some technical difficulties right now. My wife has vowed to handle the writing so it’ll happen.

    So you get two photos.

  • Jeff Brown says:

    How does it get cold in San Diego?

    We hit the tipping point of Zonies and Cow Punchers crossing into town. The hot air they all bring to our weather patterns suck in what’s known as a Santa Ana. This time of year Santa Anas include very cold nights.

    They all leave, and a few days later the weather normalizes. I know at my place, we actually had to resort to turning on the damn heater. What next? Comforters?


  • I’m not so sure that Tobey was supposed to get the sharpie 🙂

  • How does it get cold in San Diego?

    Global warming. Maybe the hot air escaping from the Re/Max 2000 balloons?

  • You’re really enjoying their demise, aren’t you?

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