Backlinks Are Working

avatarthumbnail.jpgAfter a couple of minutes trial and error, all of the backlinks are back up and running. So if you’ve been trying to access old articles from the RSS reader or through some of the scores of links to articles past, they’re now up and running. (We crossed the 1,000-post mark this weekend … no small feat for a one-beagle show.)

With that, Dalton’s Arizona Homes Blog has come to an end, evolving into All Phoenix Real (The original Dalton’s Arizona Homes site remains live, if more than a little neglected in favor of the blog.)

Farwell, Aquarius, and we thank you,” Joe Kerwin radioed from Mission Control after the crew of Apollo 13 had jettisoned the lunar module Aquarius in preparation for the return to Mother Earth.

Likewise,, farewell. And I thank you.

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Jonathan Dalton

Jonathan Dalton is a 40-plus-year resident of the Valley and has been helping folks buy and sell homes since 2004. He can be reached at 602-502-9693 or info at