Best of Dalton’s Arizona Homes: An Addict’s Confession

avatarthumbnail.jpgOver time, I’ve actually been able to cut back my blog reading. Now I’m down to a dozen or so that I check daily, another three dozen I’ll look at from time to time and another 50 or so that are in my blog reader but I virtually never get around to viewing.

The premise – that you learn the more you read – still holds true although the explosion in the real estate blogging world means there’s a lot more chaffe among the wheat.

This article originally posted on November 29, 2006:

While I wait for someone to form the support group, I must confess to my readership … I have become addicted to real-estate blogs, both writing for them and reading them. I realized this last night around 11 p.m., my eyes bleary and my brain mushy and I’m still on my Google Reader going through the latest posts and trying to squeeze out one final post for the day and then and only then talking myself into shutting off the computer and going to sleep.

When your wife complains about your blogging on the computer (as opposed to the hundreds of other things I could be doing with the computer) you know there’s an issue in the making. Yet that’s where I am. And so the question becomes why? Am I obsessive? Possibly. But there’s more to it than that. Because I have come to believe the blogs are my ticket to a more complete, more satisfactory real estate career.

There is an immense amount of information to be found on real estate blogs – facts, opinions, farce, fantasy – it all depends on the author and the day. And I read as many of these posts as I can from the authors I deem to be most respectable, knowledgeable, interesting or just plain annoying. (Case in point – I confess, I read the Bloodhound Blog daily. Greg and I either would have a great debate over a beer or smash the chilled mugs across each other’s craniums, I’m not sure. But if nothing else, I read just to see what he said most recently.) And there are another dozen must reads, which I’ll probably list on a separate post lest they get lost in the shuffle. Expect that post tomorrow.

The more information I read, the more completely I can form my own opinions. And the more completely I can answer my client’s questions and counter their objections. No sense reinventing the wheel when the design plans are waiting for me online.

This isn’t to say blogging has been a one-way experience for me. I’d like to think I’ve added to the richness of the debate on several topics, most notably my views on the non-existent bubble, the Open MLS initiatives and the like. I don’t care whether I’m liked or hated (at least for my viewpoints here) … as long as I can’t easily be ignored.

It wasn’t until early August or so that I got serious about the blog, roughly the same time many others caught the wave. In that time, I’ve brought this Phoenix Arizona Real Estate blog to a point where it’s the third-most read blog on RealtownBlogs. And it’s gaining a presence in the greater world of real estate blogs, though it’s been a slow evolution as I learned small details such as Technorati, Pingoat, etc. Should I have a separate URL? Perhaps. Should I be using a different blogging solution, say TypePad or WordPress? I haven’t a clue. But I’m not going to surrender what we’ve done to date.

Yes, my friends, there is no question I have become an addict. But if what I do here gives me an edge over the other 60,000-odd agents we have here in the Phoenix area, please don’t offer me a cure anytime soon.

Jonathan Dalton

Jonathan Dalton is a 40-plus-year resident of the Valley and has been helping folks buy and sell homes since 2004. He can be reached at 602-502-9693 or info at


  • Nick Bastian 9 years ago

    From one addict to another, I must say that I am glad you have this “problem.” You do an awesome job with your blog – it was nice to meet you a couple weeks ago with the RES crew..

  • Bonnie Erickson 9 years ago

    Hello, my name is Bonnie. I am a blogoholic. . .

    Love it, Jonathan. So you were #3. I was #1 for awhile on RealTown before I left. Then the techies got me and told me I didn’t know squat! I notice you got your blog name alphabetized as well! A little secret from the dinosaur days? “A” comes long before “P” in the blog rolls! 😉

  • Jonathan Dalton 9 years ago

    Nick – good meeting you, too!

    Bonnie – hadn’t thought about alphabetization when I bought the URL. Not even sure how I thought of it except for trying different combinations with “Phoenix real estate” in the URL.

    You were one of the folks who caused me to realize I could leave RealTown and still thrive.

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