Buying Phoenix Real Estate With a VA Loan

You Earned Your VA Loan Benefits With Service …

Don’t Allow that Benefit to Be Wasted by the Inexperienced

VA loans have been in existence for seven decades yet they remain misunderstood by the majority of real estate agents and lenders alike. As a veteran who served our country to protect our freedoms, you deserve better!

Over the past nine years I’ve worked with both buyers and listing agents with less VA loan experience to help my buyers purchase home. I also make sure to partner with lenders who share extensive experience with VA loans to make the process as smooth as possible for my VA buyers because they have earned that service with theirs.

To receive more information about the VA loan process, buying a home with a VA loan or to get connected with an experienced VA lender, simply fill out the form below:

Using USAA or Navy Federal?

Both USAA and Navy Federal offer rebates to buyers who use their services. But did you know they grant those rebates because they receive some or all of those dollars back from the buyer’s agent and his or her brokerage?

Those “preferred” buyers’ agents often have no special experience with VA loans. Rather, their brokerage has signed a contract with USAA or Navy Federal promising to pay up a substantial portion of the agent commission back to the lender.

You deserve an experienced agent!

Not to mention, for as tremendous as these companies are, one of my partner lenders often has a better rate available than USAA or Navy Federal.

If you’re using either USAA or Navy Federal, before you start working with one of their “preferred” agents, call me at 602-502-9693 and let’s talk about what options you have and the military discounts I provide.

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