Buying Without An Agent? Caveat Emptor

Buying Without an agent

Yesterday, we talked a little bit about sellers going it alone advertising their homes on Zillow. Today, we take on the idea of buying without an agent.

As with selling a home, it absolutely is possible to purchase a home without using a real estate agent. But when you consider the risks involved in a six-figure purchase, why would you?

Buyers take for granted things like inspection periods, appraisal contingencies, financing contingencies and the like. None really exist, at least not legally. All of those concepts are components of the Arizona Association of REALTORS’ Residential Purchase Contract. So, if you’re purchasing without the contract, they aren’t guaranteed. Don’t use the contract, don’t get those protections.

And honestly, who wants to purchase a house that hasn’t been checked out by a professional home inspector? Who wants to possibly lose their earnest deposit because the appraisal was low? Who wants to take those needless risks on such a large purchase? Especially when getting represented is so simple.

Now, you may be saying there are online forms available “tailored for Arizona.”┬áIf you have no desire for a contractual inspection period and want to lose your deal because you’re asking for a property survey for a house in a subdivision, go for it. Use them.

Working with a Fiduciary

Working with me or my buyers’ agents costs the vast majority of buyers nothing our of pocket. For that, you get the protections of a purchase contract written by the attorneys at AAR.

But that’s not all. You also get someone working as your fiduciary – someone working with your best interest always at heart. Our obligations include confidentiality, loyalty, obedience (as long as the instructions are legal) among others. Go directly to a listing agent and you’re only their customer, not their client. They owe you honesty. They owe you fair dealings. But they always work with their client’s best interest at heart, and you’re not their client.

Having said all this, your path to a new home starts with a simple phone call or e-mail. Contact us, let us know what you are trying to find and we can handle much of the heavy lifting.

You can go it alone, buying without an agent. But it doesn’t make a lot of sense.




Jonathan Dalton

Jonathan Dalton is a 40-plus-year resident of the Valley and has been helping folks buy and sell homes since 2004. He can be reached at 602-502-9693 or info at