California Adventure, Radiator Springs and Do It Yourself Phoenix Real Estate

Radiator-Springs-RacersYes, folks, last week was spent spending the GDP of some small African nations at the happiest moneysink place on earth, Disneyland, so expect a few Disney-inspired posts that should both entertain and justify the receipts I’m holding on to for next April.

In case you were unaware of such things, there are two Disney parks in Anaheim – Disneyland and California Adventure, otherwise known as the place everybody and nobody goes on weekend SoCal afternoons. Saturdays always have been our California Adventure days because the lines for the rides generally are one-third to one-fifth those of Disneyland. (The only flaw in this plan is that your intrepid author doesn’t much like rollercoasters, which dims the appeal of California Adventure greatly.)

Once upon a time, the twin primary attractions were California Screamin’ and the Twilight Tower of Terror.

(Editor’s note #1: if you don’t like heights and you’re prone to recurring nightmares of out-of-control elevators, you shouldn’t go on Tower of Terror … like some idiot I know personally did. Dumb, dumb, duuuuuuuuuumb.)

(Editor’s note #2: if you don’t like heights and you’re prone to recurring nightmares of out-of-control elevators, don’t ask your spouse how far the ride drops you … she will lie like a rug to get you on that thing. And no, at no point did I really think there was going to be a full-length, tower-height drop.)

But those two have been totally surpassed by the Radiator Springs racers in the new Cars Land. How much so? Fastpass tickets for the ride evaporate within the first two hours of the park opening and the stand by lines run well past the two-hour mark.

These are the things I was telling my aforementioned (lying) spouse after we got off another ride. Pulling out the handy little Disney wait times app that I found the first day of our stay, I showed her the 150-minute wait and told her unless … well … never mind what I told her I expected from the ride for that long of a wait.

Fortunately, a helpful Disney cast member heard our conversation. With a conspiratorial look he said to me, “have you thought about the single rider lane?”

It seems there’s a special line just for single riders, the lone difference between that and the regular line being that when you get on the ride, you’ll be little more than ballast to fill one of the three seats across when there are only two riders to a row. Groups will be separated.

Oh, there was one other difference. The wait time on the single rider line? Maybe 10 minutes. Maybe. And we still ended up sitting in five consecutive rows as the third wheel to a two-person set.

A bit of expertise went a long, long way in this case.

Such also is the way of real estate. Sure, you can purchase a home without a real estate agent. Actually getting under contract is, relatively speaking, easy enough. Selling can be a touch more complicated because you have to find a way to let the masses know you’re home’s for sale, which isn’t as easy as the “maximum exposure” peeps say.

But … doing it yourself can take quite a bit longer, like venturing into the standby line rather than the much shorter (and less known of) single rider lane.

Is it worth it? Well, on the buyer side you’re not generally paying the commission to your agent so you’re making things more difficult just for the sheer fun of it all.

On the seller side? Maybe, at least until you factor the carrying costs for the property while waiting for a buyer and the dollars you could have gotten for your home with the help of some professional expertise on your side.

Call me crazy, but it would seem a little Disney-style help can go a long way.

Jonathan Dalton

Jonathan Dalton is a 40-plus-year resident of the Valley and has been helping folks buy and sell homes since 2004. He can be reached at 602-502-9693 or info at