Canadians Buying New Construction Homes in Phoenix

Jonathan Dalton, Phoenix Real Estate AgentSome builders are allowing their new construction to be purchased by investors. Some are prohibiting investors but allowing “second home” buyers. Some only will see to someone using a home as their primary residence.

Incentives vary not only from builder to builder but between communities under construction by the same builder. Cabrillo Point, Pulte’s 69-unit development to the southeast of Arrowhead Mall, opened this weekend. The incentives, compared not only to other Pulte communities but to other builders, are minimal at best – $10,000 toward the closing costs with a loan through Pulte Mortgage, an additional $10,000 toward options and half off the lot premium (all but three of the available lots have premiums.)

Contrast that to other Pulte communities where buyers of new homes – not specs, but to-be-built from dirt homes – received $50,000 plus the $10,000 from Pulte Mortgage.

How does someone a thousand or so miles away in Canada keep track of what’s what and where they’re actually able to buy? Help’s an e-mail away.

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Jonathan Dalton

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