Captivated in Arrowhead Ranch

Jonathan Dalton, Phoenix Real Estate AgentOr, more to the point, held captive for reasons I’ll now enumerate.

Local city ordinances require me to notify you that Super Bowl XLII is being played at Glendale’s Westgate City Center this coming Sunday. If I remember to bring my camera (which I didn’t do this morning), I can post some great pictures of Super Bowl signage on the Glendale side of Bell Road in front of the Arrowhead Towne Center but not on the Peoria side.

Much has been made of people trying to rent their homes out for the Super Bowl. At this stage of the week, reality probably is setting in for the vast majority of folks. There are tons of people here to be sure. I was passed by a dozen large buses when I stopped at Chick-Fil-A this morning (we have a few here – and it’s an inside joke.)

ESPN Radio, for example, hasn’t been broadcasting from Westgate … maybe it’s the presence of the Fox Sports Grill inside the main complex. All of its shows have originated from the downtown Hyatt, which 12 years ago was the side of the Bud Bowl party. Somewhere around the house I still have pictures of me and my ex-wife with the Budweiser frogs from back in the day when I still officially was media.

Given that I don’t like crowds, hassles or spending an hour looking for parking, I’m not going to be heading south on Loop 101 to go to Westgate. Or anywhere close to it. My parents made me go on Saturday and parking already was impossible.

Then again, I can’t go east on Loop 101 either because the FBR Open is being held in Scottsdale. I used to have a friend who lived in Greyhawk and took off the first two days of the Open (formerly the Phoenix Open), not because she was attending the tournament but because she couldn’t get out of her own neighborhood.

Amazingly, I’ve lived here for 31 years and have never attended the Open. There’s not even a compelling reason for this. It just is.

Most people have less interest in the Open itself than the Birds’ Nest, a series of evening parties rivaling the original Bacchanal. Except no one’s head ends up on a pike at the end of the night.

There have been some estimates that 200,000 people could be out on the course to watch the FBR Open on Saturday. That seems awfully high unless a NASCAR race suddenly breaks out in the middle. Which would make the “QUIET” signs useless. But it’s not at all unusual to have six figures worth of attendance on a Saturday. And there probably will be more than a few folks flying into Scottsdale Airport to catch the Open and then shuttling across to Glendale for the Super Bowl.

My guess is they’re probably not flopping in the two-bedroom condos being offered as a Super Bowl rental, but you never know.

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Jonathan Dalton

Jonathan Dalton is a 40-plus-year resident of the Valley and has been helping folks buy and sell homes since 2004. He can be reached at 602-502-9693 or info at


  • Jay Thompson 10 years ago

    “Except no one’s head ends up on a pike at the end of the night.”

    I wouldn’t be so sure. The Open is madness…

    And you should go, just once. It’s world class people-watching.

  • Daytona Beach vacation rentals 10 years ago

    I live in Nascar country and we get invaded for weeks before events.

    This is an event community and city officals have fine tuned the process.

    Roads go one way both directions and they make a giant square around city.

    They provide fee bus service at overflow parking lots in fields all over the city (they hold like 5000 cars each or more huge) and they take you within 50 feet of the track and have bands and entertainment while you move thru the crowds.

    They have probably 500 buses from all over the state come in and they use this is the cool part the use the High Power Electric Lines access roads and the buses and crowds are off the roads.

    They have police where these access roads cross roads and they stop traffic for like 3 miutes while 2 buses fly thru. They have huge lights out in the fields for safety and handicap lots and buses for those that need it.

    We probably have 3 times that crowd in town and not all go to the race or races there are alot of other events to see at the same time.

    All the business in ammediate area close and sell there parking lots for trailers for overnites so it’s like a snow day in Florida. Kinda cool.

    Best of all brings business into the community and you be surprised how many vacation rentals are rented in addition to every hotel in room booked for the next year on check out each year.

    I guess you have to enjoy the event community and the local color it changes the town as we change from Nascar, Harley Bike Week, Spring Break etc…..