Carnival of Real Estate/Odysseus Medal

The latest Carnival of Real Estate has posted at Agent Genius and we got the nod for the post on the ubiquitous Century 21 gold jacket – and the more important of how much you as an agent are branding yourself and how much you’re branding your company.

Odysseus Medal winners also have posted at the Bloodhound. There’s a great post about not wasting money on Realtor.Com, especially as rates have continued to rise year over year with no discernible increase in the rate of return.

Ironically, another winning post discussed avoiding pay-per-click advertising … this just under a winning post suggesting Realtor.Com dollars are better spent in a pay-per-click campaign.

And with that, I’m back to trying to figure out why my garage door won’t open all the way.

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Jonathan Dalton

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