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State of the Phoenix Real Estate Market

There are a few things happening in the Phoenix real estate market that, for those with a sense of the past, could possibly cause a little bit of heartburn … At the moment, there are just over 12,000 single-family detached homes for sale in Maricopa County which, for long-time readers will know, is an area the size of New Jersey. There have been about 6,300 sales over the past 30 days – not nearly as high as the 7,800 back in 2005 and far off the depths of the market after the bubble burst. At that sales pace, there’s about […]

The Most Significant Change to the Arizona Real Estate Contract

Once upon a time, there were certain items that a seller warranted were in working condition when a home went under contract using the Arizona Association of Realtors’ Residential Purchase Contract, items that weren’t subject to the usual repair negotiations that take place during most escrows. If these weren’t working, the seller had to disclose that information and the buyer would have to say they were fine with the knowledge. The short version of the list was all of the major systems of the house except for the roof. For those who like detail, here was the actual rundown from […]

Foodie Friday – Oink Cafe

I sing to thee a song of pork. Of incredible flavors of veritable flights of bacon. I speak, of course, of The Oink Cafe. They had me at bacon. But there’s so much more to the breakfast and lunch menus. What you see over on the right side is the Tempe Sunrise omelet – three eggs, chorizo and green chiles topped with a ranchero hollandaise sauce that, frankly, I want to eat on almost everything I ever eat again. It’s that ridiculously delicious. For those who haven’t been ordered by their cardiologist to watch their carb intake, there also is […]

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