For Sale – 11855 W Grant Street, Avondale AZ

There’s only one reason I’m discussing this listing in the present tense, as in still available – there isn’t a pool in the oversized lot on which the home sits. Other than that, this home easily ticks all the boxes a buyer could be looking for: 3-car garage Extensive storage space Huge upstairs loft Open, […]

Welcome Back Mobile Viewers

A couple of months back, I let the IDX feed on this website cancel … for those of you looking on real computers, you likely never noticed the difference. For those of you on mobile devices, well, yeah … that was dumb. The good news is mobile search (not to mention reading) is coming back. […]

Home Marketing is Easy as Pie

Many agents will make marketing a home seem far more complicated than it really is. I sort of compare this to baking an apple pie – it takes some skill to do it from scratch and it still can be accomplished using slightly easier methods, but it will be a disaster if focus is in […]

On Fathers’ Day

I don’t think that I need to tell anyone out there that today is Fathers’ Day. Sitting at Barrel Grill in Peoria where my youngest, now 17, was buying me lunch, I saw the Ghost of Christmas Past at the table next to me – a man in a “best father in the world” shirt […]

Confession of the Seemingly Lazy

So, for the two readers I had once upon a time, I feel the need to explain where I have been and why I don’t post all that frequency. Despite the cute title for the post, it’s not entirely out of abject laziness. Mostly, it’s been a keen interest in many things but none of […]

Waiting for a Counter that Never Comes

  I’ve been meaning to get to this one for a little while now … the idea of a home remaining just outside one’s reach, like the treat just beyond this adorable pup’s snout. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a new listing in Peoria. As it turns out, the house sold in […]

Just Listed in Peoria

Every home has a story. And this one tells of children raised and grown, cannonballs and endless splashing, delicious meals cooked in the open kitchen, chilly winter nights in the warm embrace of the fireplace and warm summer nights in the cool waters of the pool. Recent chapters include fresh paint inside and out and […]

Peoria New Builds – Taylor Morrison at Terramar

As promised, here’s one of the communities I visited this past weekend – Taylor Morrison’s Expedition series at Terramar. Fun fact … Terramar has been around for more than a decade. Like most of the Phoenix real estate market, though, construction ground to a halt a few years ago when the market collapsed and only […]

Buyer Broker Agreements the Shady Way

In my nearly 11 years in the real estate business I’ve seen a lot of things. But what I encountered Friday night has to be one of the most brazen concepts yet on several different levels. Here are the basics. There is a brokerage locally who has developed their own buyer broker agreement which, as […]

New Study Shows There Can be Too Much Bacon

Let’s dispense with two things right off the bat. Yes, I know the above product does not actually exist so there’s no reason to run to Snopes to check it out. And second, and far more importantly, I really love bacon. I mean, other than my daughter, who doesn’t? As far as pork products go, […]