Caution: Blogging Malaise

Jonathan Dalton, Phoenix Real Estate AgentAs loyal readers of this blog (and thanks to all four of my readers from the very bottom of my heart), you probably have noticed the paucity of entries over the past few weeks. You’ve also probably noticed that I’m trying to make up for this in some way by utilizing impressive words such as paucity.

Time has been short of late which in real estate often is a mixed blessing. It seems that real estate agents often find themselves busy with little purpose or reward. Such is the life when you’re working on a contingency basis. (I have a friend who’s a patent attorney who often is in the same situation, though his percentages are better. Where’s Ralph Nader to complain about the checks earned by patent attorneys?)

Some of the gap has been caused by a general dark mood which started when I read a comment on a bubble blog by an attorney comparing the “sleaze” factor among real estate agents vs. attorneys. He maintained we were much sleazier – all the while billing some client in a 6-minute increment for the gray matter thus expended.

My wife spends most days bemoaning her commute and I’m sympathetic, having made the same trip myself for eight years once upon a time. But then came the tale end of last week. Friday was Avondale. Saturday was Glendale, my home, to Scottsdale to east Mesa  to south Tempe then back to Glendale then back to Tempe then back to Glendale. (The latter portion was for the ASU game so consider those personal miles.) Sunday was back to Avondale and then to Peoria. Today was Scottsdale and back.

Suddenly I miss my 20-mile commute.

All of that time spent in the car means time I can’t spend on the blog. Oddly enough, I’ve been fielding more calls and leads over the past three weeks than I have in a while. Some, like last week’s Canadian residents confusing a Super Bowl-rental with an actual mansion for sale for $100,000, were off the mark while others have inquired about seasonal rentals in Westbrook Village and elsewhere.

Right now, my attention is being drawn to a pumpkin with flies in it. Why there are flies in the pumpkin, I can’t say. But that also will pull me away from the blog.

In short, the blog is a wonderful thing. If anything I feel some pangs of guilt because this has been my lightest posting week on record. Still, with a little luck and avoidance of comments from silly lawyers, we’ll be back on the ball by tomorrow.

Oh wait … that’s all-day relocation training.

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Jonathan Dalton

Jonathan Dalton is a 40-plus-year resident of the Valley and has been helping folks buy and sell homes since 2004. He can be reached at 602-502-9693 or info at


  • Athol Kay 10 years ago

    I took a couple days off the blog a few weeks back and played computer games all weekend.

    The Internet apparently continued on without me in my absense.

    Take some time off. 🙂