Change is All Around Us

Jonathan Dalton, Phoenix Real Estate AgentAfter visiting Curbed for the first time this morning, my mother called. “So that is what you meant,” she said. “That’s why you wrote the post about Saturday night in Tempe.”


As a side note, I’ve somewhat lamented not living closer to downtown Phoenix or to Tempe because that’s where the most visible changes in the real estate landscape have been taking place. Tempe, in particular, finally has found a solution to being landlocked for the better part of 25 years – build up, since you can’t build out.

Glendale, in comparison, has little taking place. Or so it seemed until I took a second look today from a fresh perspective. There’s the changes at the Westgate City Center, to be sure, but that’s not all.

As I was driving home today I realized construction on a small commercial development had been completed in what had to be record time – the lot seemed vacant only a couple of months ago. Merchants are moving out, merchants are moving in. And there’s a story for each.

Maybe I won’t have the details of all the stories but I’ll provide what I can for one simple reason … nothing could be of more benefit to those moving to Glendale than to see what the city has to offer.

While my daily schedule will limit other opportunities, I hope to be able to post similar photos for the construction in Goodyear – Estrella Falls and its surrounding area, to be specific.

I’ll provide warning up front that this will take place in fits and starts as the photo side is not my specialty. But it’s something absolutely worth pursuing. At least I think so. And I hope you will as well.

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Jonathan Dalton

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