CNN Comes Calling Dalton’s Arizona Homes

Jonathan Dalton, Phoenix Real Estate AgentApparently something may be in the works with Redfin’s essentially dormant “consumer bill of rights” more commonly known as the Redfin employment and venture capital justification act.

A reporter from called this morning to ask me a few questions about the Bill of Rights. Sadly, I didn’t have what I’d written in the past in front of me in my car and I ended up winging it. Having been in the business myself, I know our five-minute conversation will be strained to a couple of sentences max.

(This was the first time I heard one of my quotes coming back to me out of context before it ever reached print … the reporter rephrased his paraphrase after I called him on it.)

Since this initiative has been all-but-dead for months I couldn’t figure out what the news angle would be. We’re still at a whopping 25 signers of the bill of rights, leaving us a little short of what our Founding Fathers came up with once upon a time.

I was told “Redfin and NAR are going to be talking about this” sometime in the next week, thus the fresh angle on the otherwise deceased quadruped. Given NAR’s tendency toward protectionism (such as this spring’s “successful” effort to ban the rebate real estate model in Tennessee) rather than supporting at least the concept of any business model and letting Darwinian evolution take over, I can’t wait to see what would come from such a conversation.

When the story posts I’ll add the link.

Fellow agents may feel free to use the comments to explain how they declined the request for an interview and that I really was the 178th choice.

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