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Come Join the Conversation on Facebook

Come Join the Conversation on Facebook

avatarthumbnail.jpgOne of the topics at last week’s REBarCamp Phoenix was the use of Facebook to further facilitate the conversation in the effort to create a more robust online community. Or something equally impressive sounding.

So this weekend, just before I fried my desktop computer (don’t ask) I created a specific Facebook page for All Phoenix Real There are a couple of slide shows already there with more to follow once my desktop computer and the photos sitting there come back home (don’t even THINK about asking about backup – ask my wife how well I took that one).

Most intriguing are the discussion pages – essentially a community bulletin board. I’ve posted a couple of general topics to get things going and am looking forward to seeing where things go from there.

Of course, purely for the sheer ego of it all, there’s a running count of how many “fans” the page and by extension the blog has. So if you’re one of my four loyal readers here and also have a Facebook account, it would be really, really great if you’d put yourself down as a fan of the page. This also works if you’re only a friend of Tobey.

And how can you not be a fan of the beagle that rocked BarCamp Phoenix?

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