Commemorating Veterans Day

There are posts backing up in my mind, which is a very nice change of pace, but those admittedly thrilling real estate topics will need to wait for a day.

Because today, I’d much rather recognize the men and women who had the courage to do what I did not – to be a part of this nation’s Armed Forces and defend our shores and skies.

Like Jimmy Buffett, I’m the Son of a Son of a Sailor. (My daughter took particular delight in learning that she’s the Daughter of a Son of a Sailor and a Daughter of a Son of a Son of a Sailor.) My grandfather, uncle and father all served in the Navy – Weldon during World War II, my uncle from Vietnam through retirement and my dad during the Cuban missile crisis. It’s a legacy of which I’m remarkably proud.

At 19, I spent the summer moping over a girl who went on her senior trip to Hawaii and met some guy named Trevor then came back and broke up with me. In my defense, she was the hard-to-find combination of drop dead gorgeous and brilliant.

In contrast, here’s my father at 19, standing in the gun tub of the USS Intrepid. Yes, the same USS Intrepid now at permanent anchor in New York and the lead exhibit at the Intrepid Air, Space and Sea Museum.

For fun perspective, the other day my son and I were watching Ghost Adventures and they were on the USS Hornet, CV-12. In other words, the first aircraft carrier commissioned after the Intrepid, CV-11. He saw the clips from the Hornet in WWII and his jaw dropped.

More fun perspective … several years ago we were in San Diego and were fortunate enough to be having lunch by the water when the USS Stennis sailed out of San Diego. The Stennis is CVN-74.

What I’m trying to say here is the Intrepid is a museum. And my dad, well, he’s a museum piece these days. Fortunately I’ve inherited his fascination with World War II so we’ve got something to talk about, such as the assorted articles that appear in World War II magazine.

What I’m also trying to say, in true bury-the-lead fashion, is thank you. Thank you to Ab and to Jim and most certainly to my father, Steve. And to all the other veterans out there including the two in my cardiac rehab class who are marching in a parade as I write this.

We owe you all a debt. Because you had the courage to do what most us will never do.

Jonathan Dalton

Jonathan Dalton is a 40-plus-year resident of the Valley and has been helping folks buy and sell homes since 2004. He can be reached at 602-502-9693 or info at

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  • Rich Jacobson 7 years ago

    Great post, Jonathan. My Dad served in the Navy, as did I. He was on a tin can, the USS James E. Keyes, and I served onboard a missile submarine. I’ve been on the Stennis and have sold homes to many of its’ crew. We are truly blessed here in Kitsap County WA to be the homeport for a large community of military personnel and their families!

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