Confession: I’m Not Writing that Many Real Estate Contracts

… at least, I don’t seem to be writing nearly as many contracts as many of my peers here in the Phoenix real estate market. It’s an embarrassing problem – maybe not men’s erectile disfunction advertisement during football embarrassing – but still, it’s hard not to feel a bit … I don’t know, inadequate.

This isn’t the kind of thing that’s easy to admit. Go to happy hour and all you’ll hear are agents talking about how many contracts they’re writing. This is a short sale market, they say and I nod knowingly, or at least try my best to nod without giving away my hidden truth. Hell, even the most influential voice in the wired real estate world is writing multiple contracts all in an effort to secure a single property for his clients.

What is the cause of my inadequacy when it comes to contract writing? I don’t think it’s laziness. I mean, I work just as hard for my clients as the next person down the line – previewing properties, videoing homes for out of town clients, maintaining MLS searches, watching the RSS feeds for matching homes in their particular target area.

But when it comes to the number of contracts I’m writing, I’m well behind the curve.

Take this week, for example. My clients looked at a handful of properties in The Montage in Scottsdale. They decided upon which was their favorite and we wrote a contract – just one contract, sadly. Seller countered, we countered, seller countered and by yesterday we’d come to terms on the condo and will be opening escrow on Monday.

And I only got the chance to write one offer.

This week I’m anticipating writing an offer for a Canadian couple on a property in Westbrook Village. There’s a chance I might get lucky and we’ll have to keep writing offer after offer before we secure a golf course casita but my hunch is the first we write probably will be the last.

What’s a would-be busy real estate agent to do?

Clearly, the problem is me … looking back through this year’s buyers, not a single one has written more than one offer before successfully purchasing a home. It’s almost shameful how little time I’m spending getting signatures from the same people over and over and over, hoping just one offer will go through.

If you’ve got any suggestions for  me, please send them along so I can put this aside and work on my next problem – the inordinate number of escrows I open for clients that result in actual purchases (which, of course, again robs me of the chance to write more contracts.)

Jonathan Dalton

Jonathan Dalton is a 40-plus-year resident of the Valley and has been helping folks buy and sell homes since 2004. He can be reached at 602-502-9693 or info at


  • BawldGuy 7 years ago

    THE funniest post of the week, hands down.

  • Missy Caulk 7 years ago

    Well I was going to say because you had surgery on FB then decided to come and read.
    Glad I did. LOL

  • Phil Hoover 7 years ago

    You obviously flunked the class on writing lowball offers with long escrows and multiple contingencies!

  • Paula Henry 7 years ago

    Jonathan – I’ll take one solid buyer, negotiate one contract and close on it, rather than write multiple offer any day. Sounds like you have well educated buyers with a great agent!

  • Jonathan Dalton 7 years ago

    Bawlguy – Why, thank you!

    Missy – Glad you came over … I thought it was kinda clever. 🙂

    Phil – Not so much flunked the class as figured out it ain’t worth the time doing. I’ve got my figure in my mind for how low to go and, well, my buyers generally listen to me.

    Paula – I do my best! A lot of it has been being more particular in choosing with whom I work, to be honest. Sounds a little stuck up but I realized it makes more sense to work with buyers who really want to buy and not just write contracts.

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