Do You Want Me to Make You Say Yes?

Among the hundreds of e-mails hitting the inbox every day was one that discussed better ways of “making your clients say yes.” Which, I suppose if done the right way, is a good thing. The question is whether it’s always a good thing.

I’ve always been one of those agents who rarely carries a contract with me on initial appointments, not for lack of preparedness but because I want my buyers to be certain about what they’re purchasing and that certainty more often than not only happens after a discussion amongst themselves. Decide 20 minutes later to move forward and I’ll be there, ask me any questions you want while we’re out and I’ll tell you what I’m thinking … at the end of the day, though, I want the buyers to know they made the decision they feel best about and not that they were glamored into it like a weak-minded Bon Temps resident on True Blood.

Perhaps this is because of my own buying experiences in the past or my own peculiarities as a buyer … I shop for more things the way most buyers shop for homes. I conduct the bulk of my research online and while I may seek affirmation from an “expert” at the store more often than not I’m certain of my choice before I ever get to that point.

Real estate tends to be a bit quirkier than that … from hidden HOA transfer fees to unexpected closing costs to navigating the somewhat meandering process in general … far more quirky than a purchase of a new color printer at Staples. But the basic concept is the same. My buyers inevitably start their search online and then I step in to help them translate what they’re looking for into a concrete property since the path rarely is all that direct (as I’ve said before, many bits of partial information on a house or an area rarely add up to a full pitcure of either or both.)

Maybe I’d be a tad more successful if I was more forceful in pushing people off the fence but it’s really not my style to do so. I at least want you leaning forward foot extended rather than balancing precariously before screaming as you tumble off the post.

Is there really a right answer? Probably not. But it’s the one that’s right for me and for my clients.

Jonathan Dalton

Jonathan Dalton is a 40-plus-year resident of the Valley and has been helping folks buy and sell homes since 2004. He can be reached at 602-502-9693 or info at