Does a Dining Room by Any Other Name Smell Less Sweet?

avatarthumbnail.jpgEarlier this week I was putting the finishing touches on a new website for a one-time colleague of mine, downloading and uploading floor plans for a handful of communities in Peoria. What quickly became apparent is some builders go to great lengths in the naming of their floor plans … and some hardly try at all.

Take for example, the models in Fletcher Heights from Greystone: “This is It”, “Really This is It”, “Can’t Believe It” … what was rejected during the planning meeting, “You’re Getting Warmer” or “Marco …. Polo.”

Better yet were the models named after painters offered by Shea Homes in Vistancia, just west of the main road to Lake Pleasant, or the Beazer Homes in Westwing named after composers. They provided the names; I’ve added the commentary, but that’s only fair …

  • “Picasso” … all the rooms are on one side of the house except for the den/office
  • “Tchaikovsky” … floor plan seems rather choppy. (Just wait for it … there you go.)
  • “Mozart” … creative and flowing
  • “Wagner” … um … my mom said it best. “I’d be afraid to ring the door bell.” Deliver a pizza to “Ride of the Valkyries” if you dare.

Truthfully, I was more interested in the names that failed to make the cut …

  • “Strauss” … always comes with a 3/4 bath.
  • “Van Gogh” … missing a bedroom on the left side
  • “Botticelli”… nice, round rooms
  • “Seurat” … something not quite right, but hard to pin point.
  • “Goya” … melted clock in the living room included (blame my mom on this one.)
  • “Warhol” … includes everything from soup to nuts
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Jonathan Dalton

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