Doin’ The Pigeon

Life, as Dr. Ian Malcolm informed us in Jurassic Park, finds a way.

This seems especially true when it comes to pigeons, which have to be among the most stubborn creatures on the planet. Do what you will from chicken wire to plastic spikes to metal spikes to firing on them with a play water cannon akin to a flak gunner from World War II (not that my father ever did that), once they decide that they like a place there’s almost nothing that will get them to move.

Ever seen one of those wooden owls people put on their eaves or their roof? Ever seen a pigeon sitting proudly on top of one of these things? Yeah, me too.

If you’re expecting there to be some magic answer in this post about how to deal with pigeons, sorry, but I’ve got almost no idea. I often have told clients of a listing I had where the owners installed plastic spikes at the top of the entry columns to discourage the birds. One day I went over and heard a bird rustling behind the spikes as if they weren’t there.

Today in Westbrook Village I snapped this picture of a pigeon (or dove, it’s a thin line) nest sitting amidst the plastic spikes. The doves were there when we walked in, gone when we left and we’re reasonably certain from the looks we received that there are eggs present.

Again, maybe there’s a sure fire method out there but I haven’t seen it. So maybe if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

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Jonathan Dalton

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