Duck! It’s Phoenix Real Estate Market Stats, Part One

avatarthumbnail.jpgCity by city numbers are going to have to wait until tomorrow as the actual business of real estate has kept me hopping the last two days.

As for the overall numbers, there are 19,914 single family detached homes for sale in the Phoenix real estate market. The least expensive is, I hope, a typo … otherwise my family will forgo the trip to Applebee’s and write an offer instead.

(Somewhere I guarantee you there’s an unsuspecting buyer who saw this online who now is looking for two twentys.)


And speaking of absolute silliness …


No pictures of the interior of the house – not the kitchen, not the bedrooms, not the bathrooms, not the living or family rooms. But we do have the picture of the ducks at the edge of the lake with the caption “baby ducks do convey.”

How much fun would this lawsuit be? “Ladies and gentlemen of the mediation panel, I only bought this house because my kids love ducks and the listing said ‘baby ducks do convey’.”

(Of course, unless it’s written in the contract the MLS listing isn’t enforceable but at this point we’re splitting hairs … or hares, if baby bunnies also happen to convey.)

Where was I before I interrupted myself?

Oh yes, market stats. We had 6,038 closed sales over the past 30 days which means the Phoenix real estate market has 3.30 months of inventory at the moment.

As I said, details will be forthcoming tomorrow. I’ve got some duck lovers I’ve got to call.

(Photo courtesy of the Arizona Regional MLS)

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Jonathan Dalton

Jonathan Dalton is a 40-plus-year resident of the Valley and has been helping folks buy and sell homes since 2004. He can be reached at 602-502-9693 or info at


  • Tiffany Cloud 8 years ago

    Jonathan – thanks for the Friday chuckle!
    I am going to bet there is more than one person that sees this that will check their wallet.
    And, with listings like this out there, it’s no wonder that the myth continues to perpetuate that people can pick up properties for 50% below market value and such and that we are still in a buyer’s market for most price points.

  • Nikolai 8 years ago

    Real estate prices are fluctuating nowadays. You cant tell if the property is worth its price.

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