Education? We Don’t Need No Education

avatarthumbnail.jpgThis is one of those things my mother probably will tsk-tsk me for later on as it edges into politics – not always the best on a real estate blog – but it’s a rather important topic.

If you’re anywhere near the State Capitol later today, stop in and let your elected officials know your feelings about the planned budget cuts in the state university system.

From the Sun Devil Advocates, with a hat tip to Echo From the Buttes:

“ASU needs you now more than ever. As anticipated, a war on education has been declared by the Arizona Legislature, which has proposed budget cuts that would lead to the largest reduction in higher education spending in Arizona’s history. These proposed cuts will lead to dire consequences – tuition increases, reduced aid to students, reduced per-student funding, staff layoffs, lengthy employee furloughs, program reductions, school closures and campus closures.

“You can help fight for ASU. Be a part of the force to save higher schedule in Arizona. Come show your support and let the Legislature know thousands of Arizona residents stand for higher education. Be a part of a news conference with all three Arizona universities, Wednesday, January 28 at 11 a.m. on the Arizona Capitol Lawn followed by a student led rally at noon.

“Together, we can win the war that’s been declared on higher education in Arizona. Please help us tell members of the Arizona Legislature that these proposed funding cuts would have a devastating impact on ASU.

Register to join the Sun Devil Advocates and take bold actions to help ASU. Again, thank you for your continued support and advocacy on behalf of Arizona State University!”

Leave it to the Arizona Legislature, which financial times are tough, to look at the most illogical of places for excess spending – education.

Just because they didn’t learn the importance doesn’t mean others might not.

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Jonathan Dalton

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