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Fair Housing’s One Thing, Common Sense a Close Second

Fair Housing’s One Thing, Common Sense a Close Second

So, here are the two thoughts that cross my mind any time asks me about the “desirable” areas of Phoenix or the subdivisions and neighborhoods that I would “recommend.”

1) Legally, I cannot steer buyers toward or away from any given area based on subjective criteria as per the Fair Housing Act.

2) Given you don’t really know who I am, why are you asking me for a recommendation?

I can spend the next two paragraphs extolling the virtues of Sushi Yuki, a hole-in-the-wall sushi place in Peoria two minutes from my office and five minutes from the Peoria Sports Complex. But if you don’t care for sushi, it’s not going to interest you in the slightest regardless of how much I happen to enjoy the baked scallops roll.

Want to know where I go for pizza and wings? Pullano’s at the corner of 51st Avenue and Thunderbird. Upscale dining? Fogo do Chao in Scottsdale or the Melting Pot in Arrowhead. Cheap meals where kids eat free? Try IHOP or, depending on the day, suffer through the food at TGI Friday’s for the sake of the discount. Decent burgers? Hard to go wrong with 2-for-1 at RT O’Sullivans on Tuesdays.

Except … if you don’t much care for pizza, wings, comfort food or burgers, none of this will matter. You might happen to prefer a vegan meal. I’m sure they’re available here, I just couldn’t tell you where.

The places I visit, the place where I live, are colored thoroughly by who I am and what my life happens to be. But unless you happen to be me, what I like to do and where I want to live likely don’t have any bearing on where you might want to be.

My perceptions are nothing more than my perceptions and my license doesn’t give those perceptions any real gravitas.  You need to get on the ground. You need to drive through a neighborhood and decide if it works for you. You need to rely on your own perceptions and feelings, not mine.

Throw out the legality of it all for a moment and look at it strictly from a standpoint of common sense. You’re going to be the one who lives in the property, not me. Your own senses will tell you whether it’s where you want to be better than mine ever will.

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