Fallen Feathers Avian Rescue

Every now and then it’s possible to stumble across an absolute gem right in your own community. Such was the case this morning when members of a local National Elementary Honor Society volunteered at Fallen Feathers, an avian rescue in Peoria.

Driving into the neighborhood north of Liberty High School, you never would know there was hidden in plain sight a home for injured birds. But there it was, with cages filled with owls, turkey vultures, falcons, parrots, cockatoos, a raven who speaks (but would not say “nevermore”) and the like.

Some are in the midst of being rehabilitated for a return to the wild, like the family of ducks swarming around its mother. Fallen Feathers ParrotOthers, such as the parrot to the right, are waiting for the right family to come adopt him.

As with most such organizations, Fallen Feathers can use donations of both time and funds. In two hours this morning, students worked in the owl cages, clearing out the remains of dead mice in addition to the birds’ usual residuals, so to speak.

For more information on Fallen Feathers, check out its website at Fallen Feathers.org.

Jonathan Dalton

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  • Jonathan Dalton 7 years ago

    I’ll pass out the word, Delphia. I know my daughter had an amazing time, though I did spend the weekend hearing about mouse remains. 🙂

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