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Fear and Real Estate

Fear and Real Estate

avatar.jpgTwo interesting articles today about Fear and the Real Estate Industry.

The first, at WellcomeMat Blog, discussed some agents’ fear of technology changing the way real estate is bought and sold. The second, at sellsius, discussed other fears that currently are plaguing the real estate industry.

Overcoming fear is a very real challenge in a business where your next paycheck is not guaranteed. Throw in a healthy dose of 5,700 years of inherited worrying, and many is a time when I wonder, “but why’s the rum gone.”

Fear can paralyze you in real estate – both as an agent, for the reasons mentioned above – and also as consumer, unsure of what the future will hold.

Look for rationalizations to explain why the worst will happen and you’ll always have more rationalizations. Look for ways to overcome the fear, to discover if there truly is a monster in the closet and move on if there is not, and you’ll find yourself moving beyond the fear and accomplishing whatever it is you choose.

As for sellsius’ list, none of those challenges particularly scare me. At some point, you realize success or failure in real estate is due more to your own effort than any outside forces.

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  • jf.sellsius says:

    You are fearless Jonathan. That’s one of the things we like about you. I see you got the surfer. Once we get some techie to code it so it can search your blog by tags, it will really be something. Watch your page views to see if they improve. They did for us. Our 3 month average (since we added the surfer) is now over 11 page views per user.

  • Fearless? Sometimes I think it’s more like opinionated and loud-mouthed, but I’ll take the compliment.

    Thanks for the surfer … took a little bit to figure out what I did wrong on the install but am quite happy it’s up and running.

  • jf.sellsius says:

    It takes a fearless soul to voice their opinions for all to see, especially if they go against the tide. Luckily, there’s no sound on your blog to hear how loud you are 🙂

    Here is a quote from a great troubadour, Arnaut Daniel:

    I am Arnaut
    who chases the hare with the ox
    and swims against the incoming tide.

  • Perhaps an argument against podcasts?

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