Foodie Friday – Oink Cafe

I sing to thee a song of pork. Of incredible flavors of veritable flights of bacon. I speak, of course, of The Oink Cafe.

They had me at bacon. But there’s so much more to the breakfast and lunch menus. What you see over on the right side is the Tempe Sunrise omelet – three eggs, chorizo and green chiles topped with a ranchero hollandaise sauce that, frankly, I want to eat on almost everything I ever eat again. It’s that ridiculously delicious.

For those who haven’t been ordered by their cardiologist to watch their carb intake, there also is Oink French Toast featured Texas toast brushed with sugar and grilled and the biscuits and gravy also look spectacular. There also are several versions of eggs benedict for those who, unlike me, eat their eggs cooked other than scrambled hard.

But I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the bacon flight. Flights of food or drink should be familiar – essentially a sampler platter of some sort – and Oink also has a mimosa flight available. But the bacon flight comes in strips of eight and four, allowing the diner to choose what flavor bacon they wish to try.

Below is our half-flight – four strips – of applewood, honey, jalapeno, pecan and peppered. Of course it was spectacular because it is, well, bacon.

The Oink Cafe has three locations – Paradise Valley Mall, Tempe and Tucson.

You can check out the Phoenix/Paradise Valley Mall location on yelp here.

By the way … did I mention bacon?

Jonathan Dalton

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