Foodie Fridays – Revolu

Life begins with a queso taco.

There are some – scientists, clerics, etc. – who may disagree with this assertion. While technically they may be correct, whatever your life was before the moment you walk into Revolu in Peoria and take the first bite into the cheesy bit of heaven known as queso taco, your existence begins anew.

Revolu opened a few months ago on the southern end of Peoria’s P83 district – essentially, the area south of Arrowhead Towne Center along 83rd Avenue – taking over the location previously held by one of our favorites, the Barrel Grill. For those who have not wandered through the front doors, allow me to tell you – you’re missing out.

At the heart of the menu are the street tacos. There are the mandatory carne asada and fish tacos, but even those are far from ordinary – the carne asada is well-flavored and tender and the fish, though lightly breaded and fried, remains flaky and practically melts in your mouth.

Those are just the start, however. There is the al pastor – a pork carnitas taco sweetened with pineapple. The chorizo y papa is exactly what it sounds like, as are the el diablo shrimp and regular shrimp tacos. Then there are the unexpected creations – the papahead, which is a hard shell taco filled with flavored potato and, as mentioned when we started this journey, the queso taco.

Start with two street corn tortillas. Add cheese, baked and rolled to create a hollow, tube-shaped container. Then add your choice of meat – carne asado, el pastor or the veggie option.

Take that first bite and angels sing.

Of course, there’s more to the menu than just the street tacos. Most of the tacos also are available as bowls and there are salads as well. There also is the best elote this side of a Guy Fieri restaurant, served either on or off the cob, whichever you prefer. And don’t skip on the chips and salsa just because they cost a couple books – the chips come with both green chile tomatillo and red salsas, both of which are excellent.

There’s some great patio seating, albeit along 83rd Avenue but, while there are misters, you have to be a lunatic to sit on a patio in the Phoenix area in the summer months.

Each taco is less than four bucks, the elote’s less than five, so unless you find yourself in a taco-consuming haze, a trip to Revolu won’t set you back. There’s also a $2 Taco Tuesday which I haven’t tried but almost certainly will next week.

The only minor issue I found is the owner recently decided to get rid of the Blue Moon on tap; not necessarily a major issue at a Mexican restaurant unless you’re like me and drink Blue Moon/Shocktop/hefeweisens to the exclusion of all other beers. Then again, that is why God created margaritas.

Revolu is at 15703 N. 83rd Avenue in Peoria and you also can check the place out on Yelp.

Editor’s note: I did not receive any compensation for this review. But I’m easy so, Jerry, if you’re reading this, hook a brother up with some queso tacos, okay?

Jonathan Dalton

Jonathan Dalton is a 40-plus-year resident of the Valley and has been helping folks buy and sell homes since 2004. He can be reached at 602-502-9693 or info at