Friday Afternoon Theme Music – August 29

avatarthumbnail.jpgAnd also a brief lesson in marketing …

A couple of years back, Arizona State University hired Lisa Love to be the new athletic director. Love had worked previously at USC and when she came here, the Sun Devils ended up with a schedule fairly heavy on daytime kickoffs. She said at the time she was a big fan of football in the sunlight.

Arizona State football always has been a nighttime affair for one main reason – it’s hotter than hell in full sun in September and into October, and the discomfort isn’t aided by the knowledge we’re sitting in the “House of Heat.” Daytime games (think kickoff at 12:30 or 1:30) only happened in the event of a national television broadcast.

Love reversed field and last year the marketing department jumped all over the chance to highlight post-sundown kickoffs as an ASU tradition.

Not bad work if you ask me …

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Jonathan Dalton

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  • Lani Anglin-Rosales 9 years ago

    Oh are you taking requests? Maybe you can play THIS one (it’s my personal Friday theme music today):

  • Lani Anglin-Rosales 9 years ago

    dang, it didn’t embed, here’s the link:


  • Jay Thompson 9 years ago

    Yeah, what Lani said…

  • Nick Bastian 9 years ago

    Love the video JD… Thanks for sharing.
    btw, isn’t there something in your comment policy about this spam from Lani and JT? 🙂

  • Jonathan Dalton 9 years ago

    Both have been advised of the spam policy as it applies to UT “grads” and how they are both in violation, I assure you.

    When I think of that game it’s usually because my 9yo looks at me and says, “Dad, do you remember when they cheated ‘cuz their coach went onto the field to touch the ball?”

    The University of Texas … showing less class than a 9-year-old girl since Reconstruction.

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