Friday Afternoon Theme Music: June 20

avatarthumbnail.jpgWhat’s that old time management theory, work like it’s the day before your vacation? You know, because you always seem to have a lot you want to clear off your plate before you leave?

It’s a little different circumstance in the real estate world where the timing often is less of your own doing. Yet we always seem busier right before vacation and this time around has been no exception with a scheduled closing next week and three homes going into escrow over the last 10 days.

Trust me … I’m not complaining. But if you need to find me tomorrow ahead of Sunday’s departure for San Diego, I’m most likely going to be at Costco making up for the shopping I didn’t get done this week.

First, we give you Terry Tate’s vacation … (and yes, I do own a Terry Tate bobblehead.)

[youtube: 400 300]

And, for those who want the music, I’m going back to the archives for the Boat Drunks.

[youtube: 400 300]

We’ll be posting some “best of” posts off the RealTown blog over the next few days. For those who didn’t know about the blog then, they’ll be a pleasant surprise. I think.

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