Friday Afternoon Theme Music – November 7

avatarthumbnail.jpgHave we reached Friday already?

Yesterday flew by post-less … there was the scheduled flight to Albuquerque at 6:55 p.m. and, as always seems to happen, everything else of import on the planet needed to be completed before then – new listing (which I’ll write about upon my return), contract paperwork being sent up and back, Charlie’s first visit to the vet, just to name a couple.

The vet also will make a nice post, but that will have to wait. Because the only thing I can focus on while sitting in the Albuquerque Sheraton is the weather. The weather broke once and for all in Phoenix this week, leaving my winter rye in limbo with daytime highs around 76.

Today I awaken below the Sandia Mountains and it’s 31. Someone once told me freezing was at 32, but it’s not like I’ve felt that temperature more than a couple of dozen times since moving to the Valley 31 years ago. (We hit 29 overnight one morning last winter.)

Funny thing is I’m not even thin-blooded after three-plus decades in the desert. But given the choice between 76 and 31 … yeah, no question.

So in honor of the cold, we bring you Jimmy Buffett from the Margaritaville Cafe at the Westgate City Center back in April of this year.

I want to go where it’s warm …

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Jonathan Dalton

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