Glendale Arizona Plays Red Light, Green Light

avatar.jpgAn interesting traffic quirk in Glendale Arizona is the presence of reverse left-turn arrows – arrows that turn green after the regular light has cycled from green to yellow and back to red. The only other Valley city with these reverse lights is Scottsdale, where they’re everywhere. But in Glendale they are limited to a handful of intersections along 67th Avenue, all south of the Arrowhead Ranch area.

As of about a week or so ago, there’s one less of these reverse signals. And it’s seriously messing with what little brain power I seem to possess these days, since the signal that changed is two blocks from my house.

There are no signs to warn of the change at Greenway Road and 67th Avenue. And it’s still common, though less so with each passing day, to see cars slowly creeping into the intersection on yellow lights in anticipation of turn arrows that never come.

If nothing else, it’s an interesting study in how you become accustomed to the immediate area around you and not adjusting easily to changes.

Another example of acclimation is present a mile north on Bell Road on the parcel of land that used to be The Barn – former steakhouse, country music club and comedy club. It had been closed down for years and only recently was razed. I didn’t know it was gone until someone mentioned it to me – and I’d been driving past the parcel for weeks at that stage.

Sometimes, your mind sees what it thinks it ought to see instead of what’s really there.

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