Glendale Real Estate – A Christmas Gift for Zillow

zillow8There’s a fairly consistent pattern with Zillow.

Anytime someone questions the accuracy of the listings or a Zestimate, the Zillow elves spring into action asking for the address so they can correct the mistake. Never mind that the issues with inaccurate listings and Zestimate data are systemic; the elves are determined to fix these issues one property at a time.

So, with that in mind, here’s my own personal Christmas gift to Zillow … a rundown of all the listings errors in my own city of Glendale. (Yes, these are the things that one does when it’s four days before Christmas and ain’t no one buying houses because they’re busy at the mall with the rest of humanity.)

If you’d like to see these properties on Zillow, simply click here or go to the site, enter Glendale, AZ and filter single-family detached homes for sale by agent.

  • 6739 N 63rd Avenue – this one’s actually a land listing, there’s no home on the lot. (That didn’t take long – this was the first home on the list)
  • 7199 N 80th Drive – this also is a lot for sale, not a house
  • 6224 N Sierra Vista Drive – another lot for sale. And, interestingly enough, the agent notes indicate the address doesn’t really exist.
  • 6143 W Myrtle – yeah, this is a lot as well listed under single family.
  • 7651 W Myrtle – really? Another vacant lot.

Quick aside before I get back into things … why is it when I enter in a search for single family detached homes in Glendale on Zillow, the search results come back and include both townhouses and, now, a single family home in Litchfield Park?  And while we’re at it, why is that manufactured home in Litchfield Park listed as single family detached?

These are the kind of things that simply don’t happen when you use a real estate search fueled via IDX, such as the one here on this site.

Onward …

  • 7645 W Myrtle – here we go again, another lot for sale without a house
  • 5403 W Laurie Lane – this one’s a townhouse in reality but listed as a single-family detached home on Zillow
  • 4333 W Lamar Road – another townhouse in reality listed as a detached home

That’s Page 1 of results on Zillow. Of the 23 properties listed as single family detached homes for sale in Glendale, Arizona exactly one really is a single family detached home for sale in Glendale, Arizona. The other 22 either are lots, mislabeled townhouses, accurately labeled townhouses that showed up anyway or, yes, a mobile home in Litchfield Park. I can’t wait for Page 2.

Onward …

  • 6544 W Peck – this one’s already under contract
  • “W Maryland Avenue” – your guess is as good as mine since there’s no address
  • 6108 W Solano – been under contract since the middle of September
  • 4409 W Rovey – under contract since October
  • 17021 N 66th – this one’s a manufactured home, not single family detached
  • 4513 W Purdue – under contract since June
  • 4430 W Claremont – under contract since September
  • 5918 W Golden – that’s a townhouse listed as a single family detached home
  • 17360 W Rovey – this one’s in Waddell, showing up on a Glendale search. Okaythen.
  • 6219 W Berridge – under contract since September
  • 16015 W Myrtle – this one’s in Litchfield Park

For those keeping score at home, we now have two accurate single family detached listings after two full pages of results. Onward to Page 3 …

  • 17360 W Rovey – wait, wasn’t this on Page 2? It’s still in Waddell
  • 6542 N 43rd Avenue – this one’s a townhouse listed as a single family detached home
  • 4323 W Lamar – another townhouse listed as a single family detached property
  • 11640 N 51st – and another townhouse
  • “N 77th Avenue” – you tell me.
  • 15907 W Cinnabar – another Waddell listing
  • 5001 N 64th Avenue – under contract since August
  • 176XX W Northern Avenue – first, it’s land not a home. Second, it’s in Waddell
  • 6447 W San Miguel – under contract since November

Page 3 was much better – there were two accurate listings here, bringing us to four. Shall we continue?

  • Peoria Ave N 144th Dr – another Waddell listing and I’m guessing it’s land
  • 6549 N 71st Avenue – under contract since November
  • 6922 W Patricia Ann – this one’s a manufactured home, not a detached site built house
  • “4774105” – no address given, just the MLS number. And this one SOLD in August.
  • 6359 W Hatcher – went under contract two weeks ago
  • 6012 W Seldon – SOLD in October
  • 6933 W San Miguel – under contract since November
  • 6702 W Nancy – manufactured home, not single family detached
  • 13281 N 56th Avenue – under contract since November
  • 5410 N 64th Drive – under contract since July
  • 17543 W Glendale Avenue – another listing in Waddell
  • “4773558” – SOLD in August
  • 9703 N 175th Avenue – yep, this one’s also in Waddell

Up to 11 accurate listings now through four pages. Oh, and there are two active listings in the MLS so far that aren’t on Zillow.

By the way, if you’re bored by now – and lord knows I am – you can stop. I’m seriously hoping you get the point about the accuracy of Zillow data. For me, I can’t stop because I want this gift of data points for Zillow to be the best it can be. Sigh. Onward …

  • 5916 W Myrtle – a new type of error. This one’s a duplex, not single family.
  • 7801 N 44th Drive Unit 1035 – as you can guess from the unit number, this one’s a townhouse
  • 17531 W Maryland Avenue – another Waddell listing. I wonder what comes up when I enter Waddell, AZ … Tacoma?
  • 17011 N 66th Terrace – another manufactured home
  • 17818 N 57th Drive – under contract since July
  • 7847 W Fleetwood – under contract since November
  • 7122 N 53rd Avenue – under contract since November
  • 9710 N 180th – seriously? Another Waddell listing?
  • 6755 W Missouri – under contract since October
  • 5601 N 61st Lane – not in the MLS. Anywhere. So, okay then …
  • 7887 W Medlock – under contact since the first week of December
  • 6726 N 65th Avenue – under contract since September
  • 7374 W Peppertree – under contract since August
  • 4648 W Frier – under contract since the first week of December
  • 6349 W Caron – under contract
  • 8706 N Shadow Lane – a townhouse and located in Peoria, not Glendale
  • 6627 W Peck – under contract since October
  • 10211 N 60th Drive – under contract since June
  • 6404 N 78th Lane – this listing was cancelled in September. Home went into foreclosure and was SOLD in October
  • 13808 W Peck – this one’s in Litchfield Park
  • 13421 W Keim Drive – did Glendale annex Litchfield Park? Another listing for another city on a Glendale search
  • 8009 W Denton – SOLD in August
  • 10646 N 66th Avenue – under contract since November
  • 18207 W San Miguel – look, kids, another Litchfield Park listing
  • 7225 N 75th Drive – not listed in the MLS
  • 6814 N 186th Avenue – another Waddell listing
  • 7415 N 68th Drive – under contract since September
  • 5165 W Vista – under contract since October

And there, I’m going to have to call it quits. I’ve got through six pages of results on Zillow and found 23 accurate listings – about one page’s worth. I’ve also found another seven listings that are in the MLS and not on Zillow.

Sorry, Zillow … not quite the full present I’d intended to provide but I don’t have millions in venture capital and stock capital to subsidize any further research.

Jonathan Dalton

Jonathan Dalton is a 40-plus-year resident of the Valley and has been helping folks buy and sell homes since 2004. He can be reached at 602-502-9693 or info at


  • TBoard 5 years ago

    I like your post Jonathan. I suspect that if you ran it by one of the green men from Zillow they would just tell you that it is the fault of your MLS for not providing the big Z with a feed.

  • JonathanDalton 5 years ago

    @TBoard I have no doubt. What always has been lacking in Z’s argument is the why – why should I feel obligated to give them listings data simply because they exist? If you and I started a website tomorrow and it became an overnight sensation, I wouldn’t have the right (or the cahones) to insist we be given the listings.

  • CJ 4 years ago

    If you don’t check out a listing on street view immediately after clicking on it on Zillow, you are a moron.

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