Golf Clubs Gathering Dust?

avatarthumbnail.jpgFrom what friends and clients tell me there are parts of the United States and Canada that are “cold.” In these places, there’s something called “snow” – they tell me it’s an icy type of precipitation that falls from the sky, sometimes in sufficient quantity to accumulate on the ground.

This “snow” is white which led me to wonder how anyone can find their golf ball after a drive when there’s “snow” on the ground. I was then told that in places such as this, you can’t golf while it’s “cold” and there’s “snow” on the ground.

Personally, I think they’re making this up. As anyone who lives in Phoenix knows, golf is a year-round pursuit … well, except for those rare days like today when we have something called “rain” falling from the sky.

But if this is true and your golf clubs are gathering dust, here’s a solution for you …

Special thanks to the wonderful SarahWV for the opening picture depicting “cold” and “snow.”

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Jonathan Dalton

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