Guess Someone’s Not Having a Good Day on Phoenix’s MLS

avatarthumbnail.jpgToday is day one on FlexMLS, which had an incredibly low bar to cross in surpassing Tempo as an MLS platform.

Figuring out where everything is hasn’t exactly been easy, and the system has run slow once or twice today (to the point I was on the phone with the help desk until the problem went away) but all in all my experience seems to be much better than that of this poor soul who found this blog on Google:


Might I suggest, friend?

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Jonathan Dalton

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  • Jim Little 9 years ago

    I was on floor this afternoon, and I noticed the system got perceptively faster as the day wore on. I am sure that the serious delays were cause because no new input was allowed from Fri 5pm until sometime this am.

    The flex program is much more robust than the old Tempo one, but as you said, figuring out where the info is, and in some cases, what they call it now has been a challenge.

    All in all, I am impressed with the rollout, and I am glad I didn’t bet against it working.

  • Frank Jewett 9 years ago

    Too funny! Not the SERP you were looking for?

  • Frank 9 years ago

    Seems the seach tool does not know how to fetch the property size from the new MLS

  • Jonathan Dalton 9 years ago

    The techs are checking into it Frank … also looks like price and lot size temporarily have disappeared.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  • Steve Berg 9 years ago

    I will be watching and curious as to how it works out. It can’t possibly be worse than our new and exciting MLS experience in San Diego, where I am forever forbidden by our Board from ever mentioning the name in a negative manner. Good luck.

  • Jonathan Dalton 9 years ago

    If you’d like, tell me what you’re unhappy about with your MLS and I’ll write it for you. Pretty sure Sandicor can’t touch me.