Hello Pot, I’m the Kettle

A little inside baseball …

Noticed this comment this morning by the author of another blog:

Seriously, an agent closing fewer than 20 houses a year, on average, should find another job. He can do a lot better, hour for hour.

Of note: the author’s two-person brokerage, according to the MLS, has sold 135 homes in it’s 6 1/2 years of existence. Conveniently, that’s 20.7 homes per yer per the MLS.

Oh, but wait … there are two agents in the brokerage. That means, on average each agent is selling 10.35 homes per year. Less than one a month.

Perhaps the author of said comment ought to follow his own advice and take advantage of said link.

One other comment from the same author:

237 for 2011, split across 31 licensees as of today. Shar Rundio, the pick of the litter by far, accounted for 55 of those. For the rest, that leaves about 6 closings per head, on average, half your estimate — but a 150% improvement over 2010. Why isn’t someone telling cloying lies about this remarkable growth in productivity?

Interesting. I’m apparently one of “the rest” with my 19 sales for 2011. Let’s forget cloying lies and start with a basic truth … every single year of the author’s brokerage’s existence, the broker has been outsold by a boy and his dog on a per-agent basis. Unless I really need to include Tobey.

I’d have added the comment on hisself’s own blog but I long ago was blocked for daring to point out the emperor was running around butt naked. With some dogs, you only need to see their lips moving to know they’re lying again to make themselves feel better.


From hisself’s own comments:

No one can state an objection to this post for the precise and perfect reason that it is both true and important.

Actually, it’s the same half-truths and ignorance that has made that blog and brokerage the irrelevancy they have been and continue to be.

Thompson’s Realty did have 237 closed sides last year – totaling $33 million in sales (actually a hair shy.) The brokerage gets a minimum 10 percent cut of every sale not completed by Jay or Francy.

Throw in whatever you percentage you choose for the co-broke, multiply that by $33 million and divide by 10. I can think of many brokers who would like to fail to that degree.

One last reality check …

Those aren’t leads. Those are names — a lot of them fake names, I expect. Decent inquiries should convert at 50% eventually.

Says the broker whose own brokerage can count this year’s closed MLS sales on Mordecai Brown’s right hand.

If anyone still reads that shlock and believes anything written to have anything but the slightest resemblance to the truth and/or an honest assessment of one’s own abilities and performance, there’s a bridge in which you might be interested as well.


Jonathan Dalton

Jonathan Dalton is a 40-plus-year resident of the Valley and has been helping folks buy and sell homes since 2004. He can be reached at 602-502-9693 or info at allphoenixrealestate.com.


  • J Philip Faranda 6 years ago

    It took me roughly .000037 seconds to figure out who you were referring to. I must need coffee. I left of my own accord after an unpleasant half cup of coffee. 

    “Better to reign in hell than rule in heaven.”

  • Jonathan Dalton 6 years ago

    It took you that long? I’ve let the lying dog lie for a very long time. And while I’m not whatsoever fond of Jay’s decision as it pertains to the brokerage and my own business, I couldn’t really sit by and let more half-truths be told without a response.

  • Paul Slaybaugh 6 years ago

    There are very few actual whistle-blowers. Most are simply advertising. In the case, I’d posit that the public positioning by your foil as the lone voice of truth in a wilderness of deceipt is itself suspect. Simply an advertisement of self above a competitor masquerading as an expose.

  • Paul Slaybaugh 6 years ago

    Never comment from a phone if you want your opinion taken seriously. “Deceipt”? Jesus Christ Grammarstar.

  • Jonathan Dalton 6 years ago

    It still was an excellent poynt, Paupl.

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