HostGator and The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Jonathan Dalton, Phoenix Real Estate AgentThe pain was unbearable and, though I didn’t know it at the time, most of the blood had drained from my face.

My appendix had decided it was time to say goodbye to the remainder of my body. And best of all it happened just before the 2-hour Quarterly Update conference call that I as a manager was forced to listen to in my boss’ office lest I not actually listen and attempt to do real work.

Into the emergency room at 2, one test at 4, second test involving a hose from Home Depot at 4:30, surgery at 6:30 and back in the recovery area by 7:15.

Next day I received flowers from my fellow managers addressed to “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” This because I always managed to find a good reason to escape the office and the diminishing of my will to live. This one just happened to be legit.

Similarly, I’ve been threatening to abandon the hosted servers at Hostcentric mainly because their tech support is one step below that of the person at Sprint who takes your name before going back to his or her text messaging.

Last Wednesday the blog was down. Two days later (and two days after the actual fix) I got a call that said they couldn’t seem to find the problem. They hadn’t noticed that my e-mail had been down for 48 hours at that time. (It was fixed three hours later, which didn’t stop someone else from sending me a “test” message on Monday and inquiring if there ever really had been a problem.)

On Friday I opened a HostGator account. I’d tried this once before and didn’t get very far. Not so this time. Two glitches found and two glitches resolved and quickly.

So the name servers have been switched. Hopefully e-mail will work. You’ll see a backtrack in time because I need to update the blog database with the new content, but at least with the old posts I’ll know if everything’s pointing to the new site.

Hopefully glitches will be few. And then this can be the last time you ever have to read that I’m switching hosting services.

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Jonathan Dalton

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