How Real Estate Agents Are Paid

Jonathan Dalton, Phoenix Real Estate AgentThe shortest and simplest answer is by selling homes. And so we schedule our time in such a manner to maximize our opportunity to sell a home, remain in business and keep a roof over our kids’ heads.

With that having been said, I just fired one of my potential buyers. I had been holding time on my schedule open for their house-hunting trip. It wasn’t until this morning that I was told they’re working with several agents, all in the same Arrowhead Ranch area in which I specialize, all on the same trip.

My product is not the homes in the Phoenix real estate market. It’s my knowledge of the area, my expertise in negotiating, my experience that will help buyers avoid pitfalls when purchasing a product. Aside from this blog where I try my best to share what I know, I can’t demonstrate the value of my product unless we’re working together.

If your plan from the get-go is to work with multiple agents to show homes in the same exact area, it’s clear that you have no interest in my product. You simply want someone with a lockbox key to open the front door for you.  That’s your choice. But it doesn’t mean I need to be the one doing so, breathlessly hoping I’ll get chosen as baggage that comes with the house.

I am not merely an extension of my lockbox key.

Would I have felt differently had I been told up front there were multiple agents involved? Maybe. Probably not in this case, though. If you’re looking at two different areas of town, then it makes a little bit of sense. But not when there are several of us all looking at the same subset of homes.

If all you need is someone to turn the key there are endless options. If you want a little more than that from your real estate professional, I’m here for you.

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Jonathan Dalton

Jonathan Dalton is a 40-plus-year resident of the Valley and has been helping folks buy and sell homes since 2004. He can be reached at 602-502-9693 or info at


  • Charleston real estate today 10 years ago

    Jonathan, well said and I’ve done it myself. I like your new page layout but what time is it in Phoenix when the big and little hands on a clock point straight up.

  • Monika 10 years ago

    Great words…”If all you need is someone to turn the key there are endless options”… how true! I’m glad you fired your would be clients. We don’t need clients like that!

  • Jim Duncan 10 years ago

    Amen. Well said, Jonathan. Consumers frequently need to be trained that good Realtors offer more than a lockbox key.

  • Jonathan Dalton 10 years ago

    Howard – um, still noon.

    Monika – I agree

    Jim – I know we’ve talked buyer broker before. This one was a perfect situation. If I’d shown them a couple homes first as is my preference, I’d have wasted a lot of time for nothing. Maybe it is as simple as if you’re not willing to commit at least for the duration of the trip, move along.

  • Mariana 10 years ago

    Well said. I expect people to be honest with me from the get go, like I am with them.

    It IS an education process, though. Home buyers need to understand that we ARE more than an extension of our lockbox key.

  • Charleston real estate today 10 years ago

    What is amazing to me is that buyers just want to get in a house and don’t really understand the concept of buyer brokerage and how it can benefit them.

    There is so much information available to real estate consumers except how real estate really works.

  • Jim Little 10 years ago

    Good job Jonathan! More of us need to do this. I am amazed at how few buyers who are old enough to know better don’t have a clue. I even had a couple tell me up front (Thanks for that anyway) that they intended to work with 3 agents. One of them was certainly not me, I just wished them luck.