If it’s a glitch, I’ll take it!

One of the main reasons – no, that’s not right. THE reasons why I moved my blog from RealTown Blogs last week to my own server was the inherent SEO advantages that come with such a move. Content constantly is refreshed and the judicious use of keywords will help my primary site’s overall rankings.

This easily can be an anomaly of the Google server as those things have been known to happen. But last week, pre-move, Dalton’s Arizona Homes was ranked around 720th for Phoenix Arizona Real Estate. (A good chunk of this was due to the lack of the correct keyword ratio, or so I ascertain, and an abundance of other content such as the reports of quarterly average sales prices in Glendale, Peoria and Surprise.)

Tonight when I checked I couldn’t find us in our usual lowly place. At first I thought we had fallen off the map. Until I found us. In 122nd place. Still not enough to light the real-estate world on fire and certainly not enough to scare Russell Shaw.

If it’s a glitch, then at least it made me happy for one evening. If it’s not a glitch, then this is one hell of a start of accomplishing what I set out to do some time ago – double the amount of business I get through the Web. It’s not as substantial a move as it may sound, even for someone with about $4 million in sales off the web the last two years, but it would be enough to rank me as the top sales person in my office.

Given rankings for the site also have risen on Yahoo! and MSN, this actually may be legit. But only time will tell. In the interim, I’ll keep posting like hell about the doings here in Phoenix (but only when I really do have something to say) and see what happens.

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Jonathan Dalton

Jonathan Dalton is a 40-plus-year resident of the Valley and has been helping folks buy and sell homes since 2004. He can be reached at 602-502-9693 or info at allphoenixrealestate.com.


  • Dave Smith 11 years ago


    Congratulations on the move in the rankings. I’m sure it is because of the move. We have moved in the last 5 months from 130 something to 11 and 10 for Tucson Real Estate and Tucson Homes. We have about 20 or so #1 rankings for and a lot on the first page. The long tails keep building with each post.

    Putting the words Phoenix Real Estate in your title and combining it in you tags instead of Phoenix, then real estate, will also add “juice”.

    I actually thought you might have a post on the BCS game last night.

  • daltonsazhomes 11 years ago

    Appreciate the tips, Dave … I’ll be making some changes shortly.

    I’ve still got something in mind for the game but I have to decide what angle to take on the whole thing.

  • Bonnie Erickson 11 years ago

    Had you not announced the move I might not have noticed right away. The new digs look good, but not too different from the old one at first glance. I did lose SEO when I made my move, but my blog was not on my website so that is a different thing. Congratulations on the decision.

  • Jonathan Dalton 11 years ago

    Thanks, Bonnie …

    I knew it was going to be two steps back to move several forward. All the SERP for my blog is shot but my real site is moving up quickly, and that’s really far more important in the grand scheme.

    Everything else will come in time … hopefully folks who had me in an RSS viewer noticed the change. I probably ought to have added the new RSS feed on the sticky post on RealTown. Maybe I’ll do that in the morning.

    I’m back up to six links on Technorati in under a week so I figure I’ll be back where I was by the end of the month, mid-February at the latest. I’m posting and commenting like a maniac to help speed things along.

  • Athol Kay 11 years ago

    I’m watching this move pretty carefully. Glad to hear it’s working out so far.