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I’m Influential As Far As You Know

I’m Influential As Far As You Know

avatarthumbnail.jpgInman News released their list of the Top 25 Most Influential Bloggers. The best part about such lists released by Inman are that they’re hidden behind their Premium subscriber wall where the vast majority of the public can’t see what’s there.

And so, allow me a moment to tell you that I ranked number 3 (in a survey of real estate bloggers I influenced into getting beer at an Irish pub after a meetup at Chipotle). In what I considered to be a stunning announcement, Tobey ranked number 2 (among beagles in real estate, nosed out in an upset by Teresa’s beloved Daisy in St. Paul).

You can trust that I ranked where I say because it’s hidden behind a firewall so you can’t see I’m really on the list because I’ve influenced other influential bloggers in important areas such as wine selection, happy hours, IDX registration and blatant violations of NAR’s Code of Ethics.

Teresa once wrote about Tobey being Sex*y. That’s not influence? Or what about the now several bloggers in the Phoenix real estate market tracking absorption rate when once upon a time it was only me? Influence, influence, influence.

I’ve also been known to use big, important, influential words … like important, influential and absorption.

So you see, as far as you know, I must be influential. Because that’s been my goal from the beginning. I’d much rather be influential than sell a house yeah right.

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  • Kris Berg says:


    I was thrilled to see you weren’t on the list. Of all the people who don’t deserve it, your name comes to mind. Keep up the good influencial work!

    Your influencial friend, Kris.

    (If your blog doesn’t allow html tags, my “bit” is DOA.)

  • Kris Berg says:

    It’s official – No tags. So, imagine the strike-throughs I intended. It’s much funnier that way. 🙂

  • Yes, well, I can imagine and I’m sure it was brilliant as befits someone who was on the list and whose coattails I can aspire to ride.