I’m Not One of Inman’s Influencers But I Can Tell You Who Is

This week, Inman News presented their “readers'” nominees for the list of Real Estate’s 100 Most Influential. Once upon a time there were separate categories for bloggers and actually influential people; this year they were merged, resulting in a mix of the industry’s heavy hitters and self-nominating agents who I suppose wanted to be able to tell potential clients that they’re one of Inman’s Most Influential.

(Hopeful question one from potential clients after saying that … what’s Inman News? Like the Yellow Sheet from the Arizona Capitol Times, insiders know well the answer while few others ever have heard of it.)

Call me a skeptic, but I don’t see the sense in voting for someone who claims to be one of the Most Influential Online when they haven’t updated their blog in four months. Or don’t have a blog at all. Or don’t sell much of anything, as best I can tell. Or I’ve never heard of them. Even a good chunk of those in Arizona.

The last may seem slightly egotistical but for those unaware, I’ve been blogging real estate since before blogging was cool … or damn close to it. Those of us doing it at the time where a tight knit community and I made several friends across the country along the way. We were an exclusive club. I’d like to think we still are.

That club lost a couple of members this summer – Laurie Manny and Joe Ferrara. You’ve probably never heard of either. Laurie was based out of Long Beach where she sold condos and wrote one of the more SEO-friendly blogs around. Not always easy to read, but Google loved it.

Joe was one of the co-founders of the sellsius blog. Odds are, unless you’re an agent and fairly well-versed in the beginnings of social media, you haven’t heard of that one either. Such was the wonder of sellsius that Joe and his compadre Rudy once posted a picture from The Matrix of Neo watching a spoon being bent with the caption “There Is No Spoon” and then disappeared for a week. Comments flowed in, all from a random photo and headline. It was, simply put, brilliant.

So was Joe. He was as supportive as anyone in what we used to call the real estate blogosphere and remained so until his passing in early August. Sellsius was the antithesis of what all the current so-called experts would say a real estate blog should be – random doesn’t do the entries justice; esoteric is much better.

Joe, simply put, was one of the originals. He was one of the handful who represent real estate blogging’s truly influential people. And, of all the people on the list, he deserves a vote.

Personally, I wish there were the two lists because comparing Joe with folks such as Bernanke, Liniger and Williams seems somewhat ludicrous. Knowing Joe, he would be embarrassed to be in the same sentence not to mention mockingly mortified as the groundswell of support he’s receiving on Facebook and elsewhere for Inman’s award.

Still, when it comes to real estate’s most influential online – and offline, to those of who counted him as a friend – there’s no one more deserving.

Jonathan Dalton

Jonathan Dalton is a 40-plus-year resident of the Valley and has been helping folks buy and sell homes since 2004. He can be reached at 602-502-9693 or info at allphoenixrealestate.com.


  • Dru Bloomfield 7 years ago


    I wouldn’t be blogging today, if weren’t for you, Jay Thompson, Calie Waterhouse John Wake, and Greg Swann leading the way here in Phoenix. I’m eternally grateful for all that you did to help us in the second wave get going.

    That being said, Joe Ferrara made a huge impact on me and how I view the art and practice of real estate. He held the bar high, with a kind and gentle heart. He shared his wit and wisdom freely. Not just influential, I believe that through his legacy he continues to be a leader in the industry.

    My vote has been cast.

  • Jay Thompson 7 years ago

    As always, very well said.

  • Toby Boyce 7 years ago

    Tobey had to write this post, because it totally hit the mark.

    I only “met” Laurie through Active Rain, however had the chance to meet Joe on a couple of occasions. it was always a great opportunity to learn.

    I’m not in the cool kids club, but I love to follow them.

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