Looking Back on 5 Years of Phoenix Real Estate

avatarthumbnail.jpgYesterday was the five-year anniversary of the activation of my real estate license. For those who don’t know, I was a manager at Charles Schwab for four years before that, a broker for four years before that and an ink-stained reporter for the seven years before that.

For those scoring at home, this constitues career number three. And it likely will be my final career unless I lose my conscience and start asking agents to pay me to tell them about the thousands of clients dying to hear from them on Twitter.

As my good friend Vicki Moore puts it, when you’re a real estate agent you wake up every day unemployed. That might be a slight exaggeration but if so, it’s only just slightly. And when you activate your license and order your first set of business cards and realize your sphere of influence isn’t what you thought it might be and it’s just you trying to earn the trust of a bunch of strangers … um, wow. It’s a bit overwhelming and more than a little bit daunting.

That’s why so few make it past the first two years and why so many either weren’t able to survive the market downturn or have barely done so. These last couple of years were far from easy but I know I’ve come through it better than many. I don’t say that to brag … it’s more a self-affirmation that helps me keep sane in those days between contracts written.

After all, I haven’t sold a house in the last eight days … I’m essentially unemployed.

Just for fun, though, here’s what five years of real estate looks like when a boy and his dog hit the ground cold and start running as fast as you can …

  • 4107 W Hearn, Phoenix
  • 5715 W Roma, Phoenix
  • 6530 N 43rd Avenue, Phoenix
  • 15869 W Gelding, Surprise
  • 5484 E 36th Avenue, Apache Junction
  • 11743 N 85th Drive, Peoria
  • 7566 W Betty Elyse, Peoria
  • 9750 N 75th Avenue, Peoria
  • 8338 W Paradise, Peoria
  • 6608 W Kingston, Glendale
  • 21622 N 33rd Lane, Phoenix
  • 4102 N 69th Lane, Phoenix
  • 5962 W Fieldstone, Glendale
  • 30xx W Carver, Phoenix
  • 18220 N 34th Lane, Phoenix
  • 7348 N 44th Drive, Phoenix
  • 11855 W Grant, Avondale
  • 8717 W Charles P Hayes, Tolleson
  • 11588 W Retherford Drive, Youngtown
  • 6605 W Jamaica, Glendale
  • 14864 W Acapulco, Surprise
  • 4122 E Windsor, Phoenix
  • 4102 N 69th Lane, Phoenix (yep, again)
  • 11363 N Hutton Lane, Surprise
  • 4020 W Palomino, Phoenix
  • 7432 W Trails, Glendale
  • 12830 W Paradise, El Mirage
  • 11601 W Larkspur, El Mirage
  • 6715 W Tonto, Glendale
  • 1324 E Dunbar, Phoenix
  • 29952 N Maravilla, Queen Creek
  • 15202 N 90th Avenue, Peoria
  • 16364 W Roosevelt, Goodyear
  • 8166 W Purdue, Peoria
  • 15620 N 14th Drive, Phoenix
  • 3619 W Evans, Phoenix
  • 20804 W Grant Mine, Wittman
  • 3013 S 102nd Lane, Tolleson
  • 1761 E Sunland, Phoenix
  • 19397 N 110th Drive, Peoria
  • 11530 W Morningside, Goodyear
  • 18663 W Sunrise, Goodyear
  • 2590 N 131st Lane, Goodyear
  • 1705 S 124th Avenue, Avondale
  • 17715 N 64th Drive, Glendale
  • 37827 N 9th Place, Desert Hills
  • 5604 W Molly, Phoenix
  • 10240 W Ruth, Peoria
  • 10835 W Irma Lane, Peoria
  • 4446 E Melrose, Gilbert
  • 1927 S 167th Drive, Goodyear
  • 8234 W Alex, Peoria
  • 42 N 151st Avenue, Goodyear
  • 10649 W Adela, Peoria
  • 20264 N 70th Drive, Glendale
  • 7623 W Crocus, Glendale
  • 10540 W Pima, Tolleson
  • 125 N 22nd Place, Mesa
  • 7009 S 37th Glen, Phoenix
  • 9717 W Rimrock, Peoria
  • 14420 N Teakwood, Fountain Hills
  • 5634 N 79th Way, Scottsdale
  • 19712 N 77th Drive, Glendale
  • 10824 W Elm Street, Phoenix
  • 9222 W Oraibi, Peoria
  • 9826 W Behrend, Peoria
  • 20614 N 103rd Lane, Peoria
  • 14507 W Christy, Surprise
  • 705 S 118th Avenue, Avondale
  • 723 S 112th Drive, Avondale
  • 2109 E Friess Drive, Phoenix
  • 766 E Drifter, Queen Creek
  • 1848 W Claremont, Phoenix
  • 8817 W Midway, Peoria
  • 8997 W Plum, Peoria – pending
  • 22903 N Las Positas, Sun City West – pending
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Jonathan Dalton

Jonathan Dalton is a 40-plus-year resident of the Valley and has been helping folks buy and sell homes since 2004. He can be reached at 602-502-9693 or info at allphoenixrealestate.com.

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  • Michael Denis 8 years ago

    Toby is a busy beagle isn’t he.

    Just thinking back to when we bought our house. I had made inquiries to several agents in the Pheonix area. Only two replied and one of those replies was from a broker who indicated that they would have an agent get back to me. Still waiting on that one. I am glad you got back to me as I have found you to be a hard working individual and the information you provide on this site as a very valuable tool to monitor the market.

    Sorry there were two more agents that got back to me. One three months after we closed and the other one a full year from my inquiry.

    Keep up the good work.

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