Meeting at the Epicenter of Phoenix Real Estate

Here’s a truly amazing feat, which speaks either to my determination or the emptiness of my calendar on this particular day. But this morning Brian Brady successfully herded cats, luring some of the Phoenix area’s top real estate bloggers to a meet-and-greet session at the main branch of the Phoenix library.

Among those in attendance were Sharon Kotula and Adam Tarr, Jay Thompson, Greg Swann, Tony Marriott and his entourage and Kaushik Sirkar, a relative newbie at Active Rain.

Purpose to the meeting was seemingly lacking outside of the idea of bringing everyone together in the same room so we can match actual faces to avatars. Given the one-time brief public feud in which we engaged, getting Greg and I in the same room seemed like an incredible feat onto itself.

As the discussion evolved, several things seemed remarkably clear.

First, just as there are some who actively seek an Internet presence and work toward that end and others who just have websites, there are some with clear pictures of what they want from their blog and how to achieve it and others who have a blog and haven’t quite figured out the why. Which is fine, at least in the short-term. This is a new medium to the vast majority of us and only in time can you truly see the potential.

Second, there is an incredible amount of knowledge to be found on the various blogs. All of us have different opinions and different perspectives about the same subject – real estate – and sharing our thoughts and viewpoints only can help the industry as a whole. Maybe we’ll never change NAR but we can tilt at the windmill anyway.

Third, many of us view these blogs as therapeutic outlets. We write because we love to write, not simply to attract business.

And lastly, Phoenix absolutely is the epicenter of real estate blogging. Greg has 333 Technorati links (one way of measuring a presence.) Jay is over 80. I was over 60 before I made the switch onto my own server a ciouple of days ago. And we’re all in the same city, working many of the same neighborhoods, driving on many of the same roads. For all of the intellectual power being invested elsewhere nationally, I don’t believe there’s any one metropolitan area with anything close to what we have here.

As I said this morning, in this case the competition is an absolute benefit. I would never have worked as hard as I have on my blogs, never would have posted as often and never would have sought quality as urgently as I have had the folks in the room today not been there to push me beyond myself. Ultimately, the readers of the various blogs will be the benefactor.

And so, ladies and gentlemen … I beat you to the keyboard. And I look forward to your thoughts on today and the future.

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Jonathan Dalton

Jonathan Dalton is a 40-plus-year resident of the Valley and has been helping folks buy and sell homes since 2004. He can be reached at 602-502-9693 or info at


  • Jim Duncan 11 years ago

    Jonathan –

    What were some of the questions that came about from those in attendance? What were some of the best ones? Any that struck you as particularly interesting? What do you wish you had done differently in preparation? I ask because I am prepping to do a similar presentation in a couple of weeks.

    Thanks in advance, and the WordPress looks great!

  • Brian Brady 11 years ago

    Thanks for coming, Jonathan. More importanly, thanks for your leadership in the discussion.

    Phoenix is undoubtedly the epicenter of real estate blogging.

    You say it correctly when we didn’t really go in with a set agenda but I was pleased with the advice you, Jay, and Greg gave. It was particularly cool to see the newer people getting excited.

    I want to go on record here. If Phoenix is the epicenter for real estate blogs (it is), then Jonathan Dalton, Jay Thompson, and Greg Swann are the equivalent of Paul Revere, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson (respectively) in the real estate blog world; revolutionaries and visionaries all.

  • daltonsazhomes 11 years ago

    Dude, can you really picture me riding a horse? Thanks for hosting this, Brian. For the three of us mentioned above I think a lot of the benefit was seeing each other face to face. I’ll take the compliment but I think I’m akin to Millard Fillmore. Greg and Jay led the way. I’m just filling the chair until Lincoln comes around.

    Jim – first, thanks for the feedback on the new design.

    As for today, this one was Brian’s baby. The questions he had in mind were along the lines of Rain City Guide’s interview questions, though we didn’t get through them all. I would say one big thing to be ready for is the varied levels of blogging experience in the group. Like any large setting, what everyone gets from the encounter will depend on where they are on the blogging timeline.

    What I took from the discussion as much as anything was a new approach to my Internet business. There was considerable talk about the value of long tail searches which runs completely counter to the idea of trying to get as high as possible on the search engines for “Phoenix Arizona Real Estate.” Maybe that was the best approach at some stage, but maybe the pursuit of such a strategy has taken away other opportunities that may have come through long tails.

    Peoria Real Estate may not be as in demand, but if the leads are more focused then perhaps that’s a better direction to look.

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    The given information for real estate talked about the value of long perfect property searches that goes completely against the idea of ​​trying to get as high as possible.

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