More MLS Fun: Tucson Style

AvatarEven Phoenix’s own Arizona Regional MLS never pulled off this trick.

The Housechick reports that the Tucson MLS kicked 3,000 listings out of the system earlier this week because listing agents had failed to include either a dollar sign or a percentage sign in the co-brokerage field – the field that tells cooperating agents what their compensation will be for selling a home.

Ample warning apparently was provided but still … 3,000 listings? Out of just under 10,000 overall? Wherever the Tucson MLS advertising, no one seemed to be seeing it. Maybe they were running newspaper classified ads.

In ARMLS, if a commission amount is entered without the percentage sign or dollar sign, the listing can’t be activated. The software won’t allow it.

Did Tucson’s MLS investigate such an addition to its software? Who knows? But it seems it would have been a far better avenue than throwing out a good portion of the inventory overnight.

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Jonathan Dalton

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  • Dave Smith 11 years ago


    I’m wondering if it isn’t going to completely ruin the MLS Statistics reporting for July, and for July 2008 when the figures are compared.

    I don’t think they thought this through which has been typical of late.