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More Phoenix Real Estate Brokerage Changes

More Phoenix Real Estate Brokerage Changes

Jonathan Dalton, Phoenix Real Estate AgentThis one’s courtesy of John Wake (with a hat tip to Jay Thompson):

 HomeSmart Real Estate, with 1,700 agents acquired Dan Schwartz Realty with 1,600 agents last week giving HomeSmart Real Estate 3,300 agents and making it by far the largest real estate brokerage in Arizona, the largest in the Southwest, and one of the largest in the United States.

Real estate brokerages seem to come in two sizes these days – mom and pop, and monolithic. One of HomeSmart’s advantages, from what I understand, is the same as what I’m discovering at RE/MAX Desert Showcase – a commitment to technology not for the sake of technology but to help their agents sell homes.

There’s inevitably changes that come when companies merge – agents generally don’t like to be “sold” as it were and often go their own way so as to feel like they’re in charge of their own destiny – so it will be interesting to see how everything shakes out.

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