My Muse is Limping

AvatarAt least a dozen times a day, my wife or one of the kids will ask me if I love the dog. It’s become a running joke of sorts – my answer since day one has remained “no.” Even as he dutifully lies under my desk while I work, whether on the blog of otherwise, I deny any hint of feeling for him.

Well, my muse is limping today and it’s impacting my writing. In some ways, writing a blog must be easier for those who aren’t natural writers and who do it purely to pack in a few helpful keywords and try to attract business. For someone who has been a writer more than a blogger, whose writing is an extension of himself as much as anything else, writing when there’s a deficit of emotion is rather difficult.

And so it is that I don’t really have any other topic for today other than to point out that Tobey, my fat beagle and marketing centerpiece, has his rear left leg bandaged tighter than King Tut following Wednesday’s surgery to repair his anterior cruciate ligament.

There are few things more sad than watching the beast hopping around, sometimes aided by a sling around his rear quarters, trying to find a nice comfortable place to resume his nap. And all of this is made even more challenging by the presence of Captain Morgan, whose main joy seems to come from jumping over Tobey’s head and nibbling on his ears.

Perhaps by tomorrow my more theoretical muse will return and the blog will return back to normal, or at least as close to normal as I’ve ever managed. But as for my literal muse, the home office in the back of the house is too far to travel. And so my attention remains somewhat diverted.

Mortgage rates from Andrea should be ready later and I’ll be back in the morn.


Jonathan Dalton

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