Peoria Waterfront Homes and Real Water

peoria waterfront homes

Such is life in the desert that Peoria waterfront homes always are in demand.

For those looking for active adult living, there is Ventana Lakes. For the rest of us, there are the many different neighborhoods of Desert Harbor – Horseshoe Bay, Crystal Bay and Harbor Island to name a few. All are situated on one of the man-made lakes in Peoria. Ventana Lakes boasts more than a half-dozen separate lakes in both Peoria and Sun City. Desert Harbor has one main lake with homes on both the narrow edges and the wide center. You can see examples below.

As far as desert life on the water, these Peoria waterfront homes are about as good as it gets. But last week I saw a different way of life on the water.

Water, Water Everywhere

My wife and I just wrapped up eight days in Florida and, as she put it, we’ve never seen so much water. A gulf here, a bay there, a river that’s really a lagoon and an ocean to boot, all connected by long causeways and bridges and the like. Suddenly the reality of Hurricane Irma hit home – there’s just nothing there to slow a simple thunderstorm much less a hurricane. Flying into Tampa a week ago, the most prominent features on the houses were blue plastic tarps – hundreds upon hundreds of them. And Tampa got off easier than expected.

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For the right price, a home buyer in Florida can find almost any style of waterfront home they want. We saw places available on the Atlantic Ocean, Tampa Bay, Gulf of Mexico, Lake Kissimmee and the Banana River, which isn’t really a river. Condos, single-family, apartments – you name it, all with spectacular water views.

peoria waterfront homesDifferent Types of Wildlife

And imagine the surprise of a desert dweller to see a school of enormous rays swimming just off a pier near the Sunshine Bridge. Or to see manatees surfacing in the warm waters near the Tampa Electric plant. And dolphins leaping in the gulf at random at sunset. Or the alligators just kicking back in the grass near the Kennedy Space Center. There even was word of a coyote, but that didn’t turn our heads – we can see those any day we want here.

Ranches are common in Arizona but until last week we’d never seen a ranch where the cows willing walked through six-plus inches of water to graze. That was Lake Kissimmee.

Back to Peoria Waterfront Homes

Before this sounds too much like an ad for Florida, here’s the kicker. We were buying souvenirs in a shop, as tourists do. When we mentioned we were from Arizona, the clerk started to wax poetic about the majestic mountains throughout the Phoenix area. We take such things for granted here – there’s a reason this is the Valley of the Sun (though we’re really a basin, but let’s not quibble.) But when you’re on the ground in a place like Florida, the flat landscape is jarring.

Think about the skyline here in Phoenix. Can you think of a single part of the Valley where there is not at least one mountain or hill in sight? From the Estrellas to the White Tanks to the Hyroglyphs to the Union Hills to North Mountain and Piestewa Peak, mountains are everywhere. And that’s just a partial list.

That in itself make Peoria waterfront homes unique. No, there are no dolphins or rays or manatees. There also aren’t hurricanes or tidal surges or tornadoes (generally). But there are mountains to see in addition to the cool waters.

And let’s not even get into humidity.

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Jonathan Dalton

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